Home LifestyleHealth Border closures, flights grounded…Multiple countries launch entry restrictions against the UK
Border closures, flights grounded...Multiple countries launch entry restrictions against the UK

Border closures, flights grounded…Multiple countries launch entry restrictions against the UK

by YCPress

In order to prevent the spread of mutant COVID-19, many countries have introduced a response to the ban or suspension of entry into the UK.

According to the Japanese Broadcasting Association TV, Japan decided to impose an entry ban on the United Kingdom from the 24th and strengthen border prevention and control measures against the United Kingdom.

After the ban takes effect, non-Japanese people arriving in Japan from the United Kingdom will be banned from entering the country.

In addition, from the 27th, Japanese personnel returning to Japan from the United Kingdom will have to submit a negative certificate of COVID-19 nucleic acid test.

South Korea announced on the 23rd that flights with the United Kingdom would be suspended from that day to the 31st of this month.

At the same time, the quarantine exemption policy for South Korean diplomatic service staff in the United Kingdom will also be suspended, and all people entering the UK will be quarantined for 14 days.

A spokesman for Philippine President Duterte issued a statement on the same day saying that all flights from the United Kingdom to the Philippines will be suspended from the 24th to 31st local time.

On the 23rd, according to the Russian satellite news agency, Denmark will restrict the entry of people from the United Kingdom due to concerns about new variants of the novel coronavirus.

Denmark’s Ministry of Transport previously issued a statement saying that the mutant coronavirus found in the UK may make the epidemic more difficult to control, and chooses to ground flights to and from the UK.

After Italy announced the suspension of flights with the United Kingdom, all Italian citizens who stayed in the UK from December 6 to 20 and all passengers who entered Italy from the UK during this period were screened for virus tracking screening.

According to the data, as of the 20th, about 44,000 passengers have flown directly from the UK or transited to Italy in the past two weeks. According to Italian media reports on the 23rd, a case of mutant COVID-19 was found in the province of Ancona in central Italy.

After further analysis, it was confirmed that it was the same as the mutant COVID-19 reported by the United Kingdom this month.

In addition, 16 people who entered Italy from the United Kingdom were also diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. It is not clear whether the source of infection of the 16 confirmed patients is a mutant virus.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on the 22nd that considering that travel between the United Kingdom and the United States is still continuing and the high prevalence of the mutant virus in the current coronavirus infection in the United Kingdom, the mutant coronavirus is likely to have spread in the United States.

The United States has not yet screened passengers from the United Kingdom for COVID-19.

According to Reuters, New York Governor Cuomo has notified some airlines that British passengers destined for New York are required to submit negative results for COVID-19 within 72 hours before departure.