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Bolsonaro: Brazil is bankrupt

Bolsonaro: Brazil is bankrupt. In the face of the blow of the coronavirus epidemic on the country, Brazilian President Bolsonaro seems to have given up.

by YCPress

In the face of the blow of the coronavirus epidemic on the country, Brazilian President Bolsonaro seems to have given up.

“Brazil is bankrupt, and there is nothing I can do.” According to an EFI news agency Rio de Janeiro on the 5th, Bolsonaro said when he spoke to some supporters at the presidential residence that day.

Brazil’s economic recovery depends on the speed and effectiveness of the government’s implementation of the coronavirus vaccination program.

However, Bossonaro, who has always been passive in the fight against the epidemic, does not agree. He has intimidated people not to get vaccinated. At the same time, He blamed the media for the serious economic situation in Brazil.

According to the report, Brazil originally adopted subsidies to help vulnerable people mitigate the impact of the epidemic, which benefited about 60 million unemployed, unemployed, unemployed and poor people.

However, now such subsidies are difficult to sustain.

In the first few months, the subsidy was 1,200 R$1,467 per month, but the subsidy was reduced to half from October to December last year.

Facing the difficult situation of the national public account, the Brazilian government has no intention of continuing to provide subsidies.

In an interview, Bolsonaro also mentioned the commitment made during the election campaign to increase the proportion of Brazilian people exempt from income tax.

Bosonaro’s promise is unlikely to be fulfilled at present due to the reduction of national taxes and increased public expenditure caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.

As of the 6th local time, a total of 7,873,830 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed and 19,974 deaths have been accumulated in Brazil.

Brazilian media reported that due to the current deterioration of the COVID-19 epidemic in the country, the occupancy rate of intensive care beds in public and private hospitals remains high, and many governments have decided to restart the previously closed “square cabin hospitals” to receive COVID-19 patients.

Long before he was sworn in in January 2019, Bolsonaro was nicknamed “Trump of Brazil” for his unobstructed words.

In terms of epidemic prevention and control, Bossonaro’s attitude is as negative as that of US President Trump, and the two have made similar remarks. Bolsonaro has always insisted that COVID-19 is just a “moderate cold” and there is no need to “over-stress”.

At a time of the epidemic, Bolsonaro has always refused to impose restrictions.

He also supported the march against the state government’s “lockdown” and was only interested in restarting the economy.

The Lancet even called Bossonaro the biggest threat to epidemic prevention in Brazil.

“I’m deeply sorry for the dead, but we all will die one day, and it doesn’t make sense to escape reality,” Bolsonaro said at the event last November about the grim COVID-19 situation in Brazil.

Like Trump, Bolsonaro highly highly praised the antimalaria drug hydroxychloroquine, believing that it has a magic effect on treating COVID-19.

Last July, Bolsonaro was confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19.

After the diagnosis, he took hydroxychloroquine and said, “I’m fine and will live a long time”.

Bosonaro warned people about the vaccine that it can turn people into “crocodiles” in the United States, AFP reported on December 17 last year.

He also said, “If you become a superman, if a woman begins to grow a beard, or a man begins to whisper, the vaccine developer will not be responsible for it.”

Some analysts say that the economic recession has caused Bolsonaro to face a political crisis similar to Trump, which is to downplay the epidemic crisis, and Bolsonaro intends to divert public attention.

EFI reported on the 5th that Bolsonaro believes that the media caused the increasingly serious economic situation in Brazil.

“Our media, weak media, has fueled the COVID-19 arrogance,” Bosonaro said.

He also said that the media “does everything they can to consume the government and drive us away, so as to take care of its insidious interests”.