Home Criminal Black American officer was stopped and beaten by two white policemen and sprayed pepper water.
Black American officer was stopped and beaten by two white policemen and sprayed pepper water.

Black American officer was stopped and beaten by two white policemen and sprayed pepper water.

by YCPress

April 11 Recently, two police officers in Virginia were prosecuted by a black officer. The officer said he was stopped by two policemen on his way home, who first drew his gun to ask him to get out of the car, then beat him and sprayed pepper water on him.

Two police officers Joe Gutierrez and Daniel Crocker will drive home from duty in December 2020, according to a lawsuit filed on April 2, ABC reported on April 10. Second Lieutenant Caron Nazario stopped him, saying that Nazario drove an unlicensed car and “evaded law enforcement”.

Nazario was a Latino army second lieutenant who was wearing an officer’s uniform and driving a new car he had just bought, without a permanent license plate, but had a temporary license plate on the rear window. In the lawsuit, Nazario said that his constitutional rights had been violated and demanded corresponding compensation and punitive compensation.

Video screenshot

Live video shows Nazario slowly parked at a well-lit gas station after being asked to park for inspection. In the video footage, two police officers shouted at Nazario, asking him to stick his hand out of the window and drew his gun to approach him. Nazario can be heard in the video: “To be honest, I dare not get out of the car.” One police officer replied, “Yes, you should be afraid.” Subsequently, two policemen threatened to arrest Nazario. Nazario asked, “I am actively serving the country.

Why do you do this to me?” A few seconds later, a policeman sprayed Nazario with chili water. After Nazario got out of the car, two policemen beat Nazario with fists, knees and hands, forcing him to lie on the ground and then he put in handcuffs.

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Nazario said the two police officers issued instructions that confuse him in the process. Nazario said in the lawsuit: “It’s strange that the two traffic policemen asked me to stick their hands out of the window and asked me to pull out of the seat belt and get out of the car.” Law enforcement footage shows that one of the police officers also quoted lines from the movie “Miracle in the Green” that Nazario was going to “mount to ride the lightning” and threatened that black officers would be sentenced to death in electric chairs.

Nazario said in the lawsuit that two police officers violently enforced the law without evidence. “This disgusting law enforcement behavior has appeared in many parts of the United States, but these law enforcement personnel think they can abuse their power without punishment, and their behaviors are often unprofessional, rude, racist and dangerous.

It’s almost even fatal.” At present, the two police officers involved are still in active position, and their police department has not responded to requests for comment.

The U.S. police are also suspected of racial discrimination and violent law enforcement! The victim this time is a minority officer.

Recently, U.S. Army Lieutenant Karen Nazario sued two policemen in Windsor, Virginia, for alleged violent law enforcement and racial discrimination.

In a law enforcement last December, two police officers not only pointed a gun at Nazario, but also used pepper spray on him, and threatened that if Nazario complained about their behavior, he would be charged with multiple crimes, which would affect his military career.

“I work for this country. Am I treated like this?”

Karen Nazario is an African and Latino military officer of mixed race. On December 5, 2020, Nazario drove home in uniform and saw the flashing police lights behind the car on the road. Too nervous to stop on the dark road, Nazario finally drove his car to a gas station before stopping.

Then Nazario heard two policemen shout at him and asked him to get out of the car. Nazario stayed in the car and repeatedly asked why he was stopped, why the police pulled out the gun and put his empty hands out of the window.

“To be honest, I’m scared to get out of the car,” Nazario said, a video taken by the police carry-on camera. One of the policemen replied, “Yes, you should be afraid.” Subsequently, the police sprayed Nazario with pepper spray.

△Video screenshot

The video also shows that Nazario once asked the police: “Am I treated like this when I work for this country?”

In addition to spraying Nazario pepper, the police slammed Nazario’s thigh with their knees and brutally handcuffed him. The police also threatened him that if Nazario complained about their behavior, he would be charged with multiple crimes, thus affecting his military career.

A report issued by the police that night showed that the reason why the police intercepted Nazario was that his car did not have a license plate. Nazario said that his new car was waiting for the license plate, and the temporary license plate was pasted on the window.

In April this year, Nazario filed a lawsuit in the Eastern District Court of Virginia.

Netizens: “Police violence is the initial design of the police system”

After the police law enforcement video was exposed, it triggered a heated discussion on overseas social media platforms. Many netizens said that the police’s behavior was suspected of racial discrimination and “unacceptable”, and that police violence was not an accidental defect in the system, but an initial design.

Other minorities in the United States cannot escape the fate of discrimination.

In the United States, ethnic minorities such as Aboriginal and Asian descent are also affected by racial discrimination. Their experience has also attracted more and more attention.

Native Americans are mainly Indians, and they were originally the masters of the North American continent. But now in American society, they are in a difficult situation, living a second-class civic life and trampled on their rights. Many Native Indians live near hazardous waste disposal sites and have an abnormally high birth defect rate. According to a recent briefing released by the U.S. Census Bureau, Native American children have the highest disability rate among children.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau brief, in 2019, more than 3 million children in the United States were disabled, a slight increase from the data collected more than a decade ago. However, the disability rate of Aboriginal children reached 5.9%, the highest proportion, and the disability rate of children of African descent was 5.1%.

In addition, the recent hatred and violence against Asians in the United States have been rampant, which has attracted attention from all walks of life. Huang Xi, a well-known Chinese comedian in the United States, believes that Asians are one of the most discriminated against minorities in the United States, and that Americans’ self-conceive thinking patterns can only contribute to the rise of racial discrimination and hate crimes.

Recently, Asians in major cities in the United States have held demonstrations to protest against discrimination and hate crimes against Asians.

According to an article published in Forbes magazine, racial discrimination not only hurts Asians, but ultimately all Americans, leaving the whole country divided and afraid. If racial discrimination against ethnic minorities, including Asian descent, it is necessary to face up to and break down prejudices, expand dialogue and interaction among ethnic groups, create minority support networks, and promote them to break the silence and actively participate in politics to speak for themselves.