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Bill Gates: The U.S. government pandemic consultant is a fake expert

Bill Gates: The U.S. government pandemic consultant is a fake expert

Coronavirus Pandemic in the United States continues to spread, and the US government’s approach to suppressing disease control experts has been questioned by all parties. 

In a recent interview with the media, Bill Gates, the co-chair of the US Gates Foundation, criticized the US government for not believing in science, attacking its own scientists, and appointing pseudo-experts as consultants for Pandemic.

An interview with Gates on the 15th was broadcast on the Yahoo Finance Channel’s news program on the 26th. Gates accused the US government of using political pressure to prevent experts from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from speaking out. 

Disease control experts want to release Pandemic news and suggestions, and they have to be revised by White House consultants before they can be issued.

Bill Gates, co-chair of the Gates Foundation of the United States: The worst thing is to attack his own scientists and tell people that politicians understand the Pandemic better than disease control experts. 

In this case, the government does not allow the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to speak out. When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wants to publish some information on the website, the politicians must edit the information first. Now we have another pseudo-expert to be the president. consultant.

After the interview, Gates pointed out that the pseudo-expert he referred to was Scott Atlas, a senior adviser to US President Trump on theCoronavirus Pandemic. 

The media previously reported that Atlas opposed the adoption of flow restriction measures and the implementation of large-scale testing, and recently issued a document saying that wearing a mask has no effect on preventing the spread of the virus. Although he deleted the post since then, it still caused a lot of criticism.

In an earlier interview, Gates said that the US government should not denigrate the authority of disease control experts, but should let the experts tell the people the true situation of the Pandemic response. 

This is a test of communication between the government and the people, and the United States does not score high in this regard.

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