Home Politics Bill Gates takes the lead in sending congratulations to Biden
Bill Gates takes the lead in sending congratulations to Biden

Bill Gates takes the lead in sending congratulations to Biden

by YCPress

Biden and Harris won the US presidential election, CEOs of US technology companies and Silicon Valley celebrities congratulated them.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos posted on Instagram to celebrate the victory of Biden and Harris. Bezos said that their victory means that “unity, compassion and decency are not characteristics of a past era.”

The relationship between Bezos and Trump has been unstable during Trump’s tenure. Trump has repeatedly attacked Bezos on Bezos’ ownership of the Washington Post, Amazon’s tax records, and Amazon’s relationship with the postal service.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has always criticized Trump’s response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. He said that he looks forward to “cooperating with the new government and bipartisan leaders of Congress to control the spread of the epidemic.”

Microsoft President Brad Smith congratulated Biden and Harris on his blog and called for national unity. Smith said: “If we are to move forward as a country, we must build new bridges and narrow the gap between us.”

Facebook COO Shirley Sandberg and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s wife, Chen and the Zuckerberg Foundation all congratulated Harris on his historic victory.

Sandberg wrote on Facebook: “After a long few days (counting votes), we now know that Joe Biden will be our next president, and for the first time in 231 years, our next deputy The president will be a black and South Asian American woman who is the daughter of immigrants. Sometimes the United States will take a big step towards establishing a government that reflects our diverse country. Today is such a day.”

Lauren Powell Jobs, the founder of Emerson collective and widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, also celebrated the victory of Biden and Harris on Twitter. She pointed out that the victory of the vice president represents “glass The ceiling was completely shattered”.

Cisco CEO Rodriguez wrote on Twitter that the company supports Biden and Harris’ belief that we must build a more inclusive future for all.

Box CEO Aaron Levy celebrated the victory of Biden and Harris on a series of Twitter. Levi said that their victory will greatly enhance the competitiveness of the United States. Levi said: “Although Biden does not have any magical capabilities, this is the key. Companies need market stability, global trade relations that will not change due to a whim, talents from all over the world, long-term planning, and Not to be distracted.”

Former AOL CEO and Chairman Stephen Keys said he was “happy” that Biden was elected the 46th president of the United States.