Home Politics Biden’s inauguration will be scaled down and “reconsider” parade traditions
Biden's inauguration will be scaled down and "reconsider" parade traditions

Biden’s inauguration will be scaled down and “reconsider” parade traditions

by YCPress

According to the US CNBC report, due to the continuous spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the inauguration planning team of US President-elect Biden urged the American people on Tuesday that it is best for Americans to stay at home this year and watch the inauguration on TV.

David Kessler, chief medical adviser to the US Presidential Inaugural Committee, said: “We call on people to participate in the presidential inauguration at home to protect themselves, their families, friends and communities.”

The committee said that in accordance with tradition, Biden and Vice President-elect Harris will be sworn in on a podium on the west side of the US Capitol on January 20.

But they said in a statement that the scope of the event will be very limited and everything else on the day will look different. The inaugural parade from the Capitol to the White House, as well as the inaugural ball and celebrations, will be “reconsidered.”

According to reports, the scale of the inauguration ceremony will be reduced, and following the same principles that Biden has used in the presidential campaign over the past nine months, public health and social distancing will be placed above traditional ceremonies and grand events.

However, it is unclear to what extent Biden’s supporters will follow the advice of the ceremony planning team to abandon the rally to celebrate the end of the Trump administration and the swearing-in of the US President-elect and Vice President-elect.

The US Presidential Inaugural Committee also announced on Tuesday that Obama’s former campaign aide, Stephanie Cutter, and Emmy Award-winning television producer Ricky Kirshner, have joined the Inaugural Committee as executive producers. . Rod O’connor also joined the team as a senior consultant. He led the creation and production of the remote online Democratic National Convention last summer.