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Biden’s candidate for Secretary of State is him

by YCPress

According to the World Wide Web, Bloomberg reporter (Jennifer Epstein) just revealed on Twitter that Biden will appoint his long-time assistant Tony Brinken as the US Secretary of State. In addition, she also stated in a tweet that Jack Sullivan is likely to be appointed as a national security adviser.

“The Washington Post” once reported that Brinken, 58 years old, was called a “moderate centrist.” His relationship with Biden can be traced back to nearly 20 years ago, when the two worked together on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Since then, Brinken has been Biden’s arm in foreign affairs.

n 2009, after Biden became vice president, Brinken became Biden’s national security advisor. During this period, he and Biden participated in Obama’s intelligence briefings every day, and he has become a person who directly influences the highest decision-making level in the United States.

In May 2011, after the US military killed Osama bin Laden, the White House released a photo of Obama and others monitoring the progress of the assassination in the White House Situation Room.

In this photo, Blincoln in a blue shirt stands behind the then White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, poking out his head and staring at the big screen in front of him.

In 2013, after Obama was re-elected successfully, Brinken was appointed deputy assistant for national security affairs. In 2014, Blincoln went one step further and served as Deputy Secretary of State.

Last week, Brinken was revealed to be the candidate for the “President-elect” Biden’s secretary of state. The “Capitol Hill” said at the time that everyone in Washington thought he was very qualified for this post.