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Biden's Cabinet List Exposed, Are All the Rumored Hot Candidates

Biden’s Cabinet List Exposed, Are All the Rumored Hot Candidates

by YCPress

Almost all of these nominees have accumulated rich work experience in the proposed departments and fields, and are familiar with relevant businesses, channels and methods, which is in sharp contrast to Trump’s priority of promoting a group of “outsiders” who support him four years ago.

According to media reports, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) said that the White House approved the daily presidential briefings to the team of “President-elect” Biden “as part of the support transition”.

A White House official confirmed that Trump signed a “sharing briefing” agreement, the Hill said. But it’s unclear when Biden will receive his first “Daily Presidential Briefing.”

On the 23rd local time, Secretary Murphy, the U.S. General Administration Bureau, informed President-elect Biden and his team on the same day that they were ready to start the regime transition process and would distribute more than $7 million to Biden as transitional funds.

This indicates that after three weeks late, the curtain of power transfer in the White House has finally begun.

Biden’s “shadow cabinet”

Although Trump still insists that “approving the GSA does not mean that I will admit defeat in the election”, so far, except for a smaller number of “faithful” and some people who do not want him to admit defeat too early for other purposes, Biden’s “performance” has actually begun.

For the president-elect, an important sign of starting the handover is to openly build a “shadow cabinet”, which is convenient for work and rewarding.

Biden, who is “three weeks behind the starting line”, certainly dares not neglect, and quickly announced a series of key “shadow cabinet members” lists.

These include “Secretary of State” Blincoln, “Secretary of Homeland Security” Mayorkas, “White House Chief of Staff” Klein, “Director of National Intelligence” Haynes, “President’s National Security Assistant” Sullivan, “U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations” Thomas Greenfield, “Presidential Envoy on Climate” Kerry And so on, in addition, former Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen is expected to become the “shadow treasury secretary”.

Judging from this “list of the first shadow cabinet members” that has been adjusted as “archaic”, “optional and use” has become a priority.

Blinkin is the deputy national security adviser of the Obama era. He is recognized as a diplomatic veteran of Europe, China and other key diplomatic regional affairs. He is also a long-standing friend with Biden’s deep roots and long-term in the Biden campaign.

Majorcas has been the deputy secretary of homeland security for nearly three years in the Obama era, and he is a lawyer and is recognized as an expert in the industry.

Klein was the first “shadow staff” to enter the role. He previously served as the chief of staff of two Democratic vice presidents, served as commissioner in the Obama administration to deal with the Ebola epidemic, and partnered with Biden as a senator earlier;

Sullivan served as Biden’s assistant and senior adviser during the Obama era, served as the Secretary of State Department’s Policy Planning Director and Secretary of State Hillary’s Chief of Staff, and was also an important member of Hillary’s presidential campaign in 2016;

Greenfield is a senior diplomat and one of the few experts on African issues in the United States;

Haynes was the Obama-era deputy national security adviser (replacing Blincoln) and the fourth deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); Kerry is better known as the last Secretary of State in the Obama era and previously represented the Democratic Party in the 2004 presidential election.

Despite Biden’s efforts to embody some “fashion elements” in the first “shadow cabinet”, such as gender balance (a large number of women, the first female treasurer and the first female director of national intelligence), ethnic diversity (the first Latino to lead the Department of Homeland Security, Mayokas was a Cuban-born immigrant, to And nearly half of the candidates are of color), but the above-mentioned “optional and use” is more priority.

Almost all of these nominees have accumulated rich work experience in the proposed departments and fields, and are familiar with relevant businesses, channels and methods, which is in sharp contrast to Trump’s priority of promoting a group of “outsiders” who support him four years ago.

This is because, on the one hand, because Biden is a traditional mainstream politician, it is easier to quickly gather a team that is more professional and willing to use for himself. On the other hand, Trump is not only late in handing over power, but also trying to “bury” Biden in various fields before leaving office on January 20 next year.

In addition, epidemic prevention, safety, international affairs, economy and employment… There is no room for any delay in urgent matters. A team of experts who are “on-demand and use” is obviously more reliable and up to it than a “concept-first” team.

On the other hand, the first “shadow cabinet” are not as “in line with Biden’s previous “breaking party boundaries and more representative” as pro-Biden media such as CNN”. Almost all candidates have inextricable roots with Obama or Biden, even Sullivan, who is recognized as more “neutral” political colors. No exception.

This is the norm in most European and American countries, but it is an odd in the United States, indicating that after four years of Trump, the Democratic Party dares no longer take risks, even if they still believe in “expert governance”, try to choose some “our experts”.

Where is the “rumor candidate”?

Since November 3, a variety of “new government candidates” have been introduced. The names of these half-truth and half-false candidates have been constantly discussed by onlookers who doubt, including the so-called “hot candidate for the Secretary of Commerce”, the controversial figure Andrew Yang and the “hot candidate for ambassadors abroad” Obama and Hillary, as well as many people who have been It is rumored that the Democratic senator and governor will “enter the cabinet”.

None of these people were included in the first cabinet list for a variety of reasons.

Obama, Hillary and others have become famous, and it is actually unlikely to give in to the new position (Obama even openly refutes the rumors).

In addition, there is no governor or incumbent on the list of the first “shadow cabinet members”, which shows that Biden is not very satisfied with the actions of Democratic governors and legislators in this election. On the other hand, it may also indicate that there is not yet been a sufficient consensus within the Democratic Party on how to allocate the newly acquired rights. Governor, Members of Parliament and other “party leaders” with a clear identity of cabinet members and staff may be introduced in the second, third or even later.

Of course, whether some candidates are really Biden’s “selections” are probably going to be a big question mark in themselves.

Although the first group of “shadow cabinet members” have rich experience, the party’s representation is not as extensive as Biden’s flaunted and expected by various factions in the Democratic Party. Especially the so-called “progressives” and syndicalists, I’m afraid they will never be satisfied with this “archo” expert list, who are exactly the momentum of the Democratic Party in recent years. The most aggressive group.

Essentially, there is an important reason why Biden can defeat Trump this time is that too many voters hate Trump and these people are competing to vote for fear of Trump’s re-election. That said, Biden’s vote base is not necessarily “election Biden” but “anti-Trump.”

This means that if Biden is still stuck to the current employment idea, it may put a constraint on his post-in-auguration governance.