Home Politics Biden’s approval rating exceeds Trump’s four-year high in the eight-day term in office.
Hundreds of immigrants have been deported during Biden's tenure

Biden’s approval rating exceeds Trump’s four-year high in the eight-day term in office.

by YCPress

January 28th been a week since President Biden took office. For several days, he has been signing decrees to deal with the most urgent issues facing the epidemic, climate crisis, racial discrimination and so on.

After returning to the Paris climate agreement on the day of office, Biden once again “fed his efforts” on climate issues and signed relevant promotion measures on the 27th.

Polls show that Biden’s performance at the beginning of his term has been well received, and the current support rate is even higher than that of any time during Trump’s term.

Eight days in office, there are endless orders! Biden focuses on the climate agenda

Climate issues are one of the four crises facing the Biden administration. As early as January 20, U.S. President Biden signed a decree to return to the Paris climate agreement that Trump withdrew from.

On the 27th, local time, Biden made another speech introducing the new government’s plan to combat climate change, and signed administrative measures to advance key parts of the climate agenda, including “creating jobs and restoring scientific integrity”.

Speaking at the White House on the afternoon of the 27th, Biden said: “The future is full of hope and opportunity. Now is the time to deal with climate change, the biggest threat we face, with a greater sense of urgency.

In my opinion, we have waited too long to solve the climate crisis. We can’t wait any longer.

He added: “It’s time to act.”

NBC News quoted two people familiar with the matter as reporting that the administrative action on the 27th will focus on raising climate change as a national security priority, instructing the federal government to set a goal of protecting 30% of federal land and water resources by 2030, and suspend the development of natural gas on federal land and waters. and the new lease of oil.

Photo: On the afternoon of October 2, 2020, local time, Trump made his first public appearance after being diagnosed with the novel coronavirus.

Biden’s approval rating exceeds Trump’s highest term

Biden also gained high approval ratings as the new administration was busy pushing the important agendas.

According to a new poll released by Monmouth University on the 27th, Biden won a majority of public recognition in his early years of office, and his approval rating exceeded that of former President Trump at any time in his four years.

The poll shows that Biden’s approval rating when he took office was 54%.

According to Monmouth University, Trump’s four years in office, the highest in poll support came at the time of the outbreak of the coronavirus in March 2020 and 46% after the November 2020 election.

Monmouth’s first poll of Trump’s term, released in March 2017, showed that his approval rating at that time was 43%, and 46% of people opposed his performance in the White House.

In contrast, only 30% of respondents were dissatisfied with Biden’s early jobs in office, according to the latest poll.

While most people recognize Biden’s performance, the divide between the two parties is still very big.

The poll shows that 90% of Democrats and 47% of independents gave him a positive review of the president, while only 15% of Republicans gave him a positive review.

In addition, Americans are more optimistic about the prospects for Biden to become president than Trump.

Sixty percent of the respondents said they were optimistic about the policies that the new president would implement after he joined the White House, while 35% said they were pessimistic.

Biden was sworn in last week during a turbulent time in the United States, the coronavirus epidemic is still raging, and states are busy vaccinating the most vulnerable Americans.

On the other hand, the deadly riots in Congress on January 6 led to Trump’s second impeachment.