Home Business Biden’s 100-day-old race is hard to come by, and what is the root cause of Asians becoming scapegoats for the pandemic?
Biden's 100-day-old race is hard to come by, and what is the root cause of Asians becoming scapegoats for the pandemic?

Biden’s 100-day-old race is hard to come by, and what is the root cause of Asians becoming scapegoats for the pandemic?

by YCPress

On the one hand, a new outbreak of the new coronavirus puts us at risk. On the other hand, in the recent American media, the “racist virus” has also been mentioned because of the growing number of hate crimes and social conflicts. If one virus threatens our bodies, the other threatens our hearts. Both viruses also force us to take them seriously.

During the Biden administration’s 100th day in office, “Healing America” needs not only a vaccine, but an antidote that can trace its roots and bridge racial and social divisions.

U.S. President Joe Biden delivers his 100th inaugural address on Capitol Hill on April 28, local time.

As Biden turns 100 days into his presidency, about 52 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s overall job performance, better than his predecessor, Trump, but lower than all other U.S. presidents since 1953, according to a CNN poll. In addition to the high level of public satisfaction in the response to the outbreak, at 69 per cent, other areas are around 50 per cent. People were the least satisfied with “border security and immigration”, at 33 per cent.

According to Politico, Biden’s reform bill for the police system is also an account of the people who are extremely disappointed with America’s handling of race.

U.S. President Joe Biden: Let’s get this done next month (to pass the bill), and on the first anniversary of Freud, this country supports this reform bill, and Congress should act.

According to the Washington Post, the outcome of the case is inextricably linked to court testimony from numerous witnesses and medical professionals. During the three-week trial, a total of 45 witnesses testified, 38 of whom were witnesses called by the prosecution.

Judge Cahill: Jury, I know you’ve made a decision. The jury found the defendant guilty on a third charge of “second-degree manslaughter resulting in dangerous consequences resulting from gross negligence.”

Several professionals proved to the jury that Shawan’s kneeling was the only direct cause of Freud’s death from “excessive hypoxia.” Impressively, pulmonary specialist Tobin fixed the time of Freud’s “last breath” by breaking down the live video.

According to NBC News, in the initial police records filed with the Minneapolis Police Department by four police officers, Shawan made no mention of kneeling on Floyd, but also changed the time of Freud’s death to a hospital.

“He (Floyd) resisted arrest with physical acts. After handcuffing him, the police found him unwell. The police called an ambulance. He was pronounced dead shortly after being taken to Hennepin County Medical Center. ”

On the day of the incident, 17-year-old Frazier took his 9-year-old cousin to a convenience store where he was involved to buy snacks, NBC News reported. As he passed the door, Fraser noticed Shawan and other police officers who were violently enforcing the law against Freud.

Not only did Fraser become one of the first witnesses to appear at the scene, but he recorded a critical video recording of about 10 minutes long on his cell phone.

Legal sources have noted the existence of a “blue wall of silence” in the U.S. police system, and this time the Minneapolis Police Department has “collectively defected.”

Minneapolis Police Chief Ella Dundo:(Shaw) continues to use violence against a handcuffed person, in violation of the police department’s statutes and not on weekday training requirements.

Cnn’s analysis suggests that, in general, once a police officer is prosecuted for improper enforcement, even if the incident involves a murder charge, the officers involved in the police department will speak out as if they are receiving uniform training or are the only option forced to do so in an emergency. In most cases, judges and juries choose to trust police testimony.

According to CNBC, a total of 7,617 police deaths in law enforcement between 2013 and 2019 were not prosecuted.

According to Rashad Robinson, director of Color of Change, an American racial justice group, the Minneapolis Police Department’s approach is to “abandon the car.” The police department described Mr. Shawan as the “bad apple strategy” of the police force, essentially “dumping the pot” in order to divert public attention from the systemic racial discrimination that exists in law enforcement.

According to Jesse Louis Jackson, an American human rights activist, Mr Shaw’s conviction was the result of a combination of incidental factors rather than structural or systemic changes.

According to the district court’s sentencing process, Shawan’s sentencing results will be announced within eight weeks. CNN legal experts believe that because Shawan’s has no previous record, his final sentence is likely to be 10-12 years, rather than the maximum 40-year sentence expected. In addition, Shawan’s has divorced and completed the division of property.

When the verdict was announced in court on the 20th, Shawan did not show a noticeable change in expression. When Shawan was handcuffed and taken out of the courtroom, U.S. media Insider zoomed in on a camera shot of the court and found that His lawyer Nelson’s contact number had been recorded in Shawan’s hand.

An Associated Press analysis found that Shawan’s appeal was highly likely. His defence lawyer, Nelson, even argued on the day the verdict was announced that the trial should be treated as an invalid one. Nielsen’s argument is that a number of special factors, such as massive street protests, wide-ranging coverage in the mainstream media, and public statements by Democratic politicians, doomed Mr. Shawan to an “unjust” verdict.

On April 17, three days before the jury’s verdict, Rep. Maxine Waters, 82, a California Democrat, took to the streets to oppose a curfew imposed by police during the jury’s DELIBERATION and to call for public pressure on the trial.

In the United States, it is common sense for politicians not to interfere in the judicial process and not to take a position on cases that are still at trial. As for Walters’s words and deeds, the New York Post doesn’t disable the cover headline, exclaiming, “MAX MAXINE is crazy.”

Then, on April 20, the day the verdict was announced, comments by U.S. President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, also caused controversy.

Recently, a motion that is equally relevant to the intensification of “racial tensions” has also attracted attention. Behind this bill is a change in the demographics of the United States.

On April 22nd the House of Representatives debated Bill HR51, which would make the capital, Washington, D.C., the 51st state in the United States. The “race dump” rhetoric surrounding state-building has sparked another heated debate in the U.S. Congress.

Under the idea of Rep. Norton, D.C., the bill’s author, the White House, the U.S. Capitol Supreme Court and federal office buildings would be designated as “federal districts”, while the rest would be “The State of Washington, D.C., ” in honor of Frederick F. Douglas.

According to the Washington Post, the District has long been a “deep blue land.” If the state is successful, Democrats will steadily add two seats to the Senate.

The District of Washington has a population of about 720,000, 49 percent of whom are African-American, and if the state is successful, it would be the state with the largest electoral weighting among African-Americans. In last year’s election, Biden won three D.C. electoral votes with 92 percent of the vote.

According to Reuters, Democrats are eager to build states, perhaps in connection with the latest census report released by the U.S. Bureau of Statistics on April 26. According to the report, 13 states, including New York, California, Texas and Florida, have seen significant demographic changes in the past decade, which will lead to a change in the number of state legislators next year when the federal House of Representatives is redrawed.

Texas is likely to add two more House seats, and California will lose one for the first time in its 170-year history. The change has Republicans looking forward to taking back control of the House from Democrats in next year’s midterm elections.

Ethnically, African-American voting rights have risen relatively in several states, while whites have declined, and geographically, the population in the South and West has grown faster than in the Central and North-East. In the end, the state-building bill passed the House by a vote of 216 to 208, with all the supporters being Democrats and all the opponents being Republicans.

According to Capitol Hill, the bill will face significant resistance in the next Senate vote. This has added to the political implications of the embroiled Freud case, and the issue of race has become a bargaining chip on the political chessboard for elites, marginalized on how to actually improve the lives of African-Americans.

In stark contrast to the difficulties of the Jianzhou bill, it was passed as a 280-page “anti-China bill”.


A song that swept discotheques in the 1980s tells the story of “Mary of China” and contains prejudice against the Chinese. The hero of the song, “Mrs. Aron”, originally from Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, died on December 6, 1906, in Tombstone Township, Arizona, USA.

At that time, as the first generation of Chinese leaders, Mrs. Aron, known as the “cowboy gun battle” in the town of Tombstone, ran a “Cancan restaurant”, through the six major Chinese clubhouses in San Francisco to help the Chinese find jobs, for the Chinese people to fight for the uneven, has been respected by the locals. At that time, it was a time when the Chinese were deeply persecuted by the Chinese Exclusion Act.

When the railway was completed, tens of thousands of Chinese workers from the United States entered the labor market in the western United States and built Chinatown in San Francisco. However, it quickly sparked a backlash from local whites, who thought Chinese workers had taken their jobs.

By contrast, racial tensions in the United States intensified at the time, and the Republican “post-war reconstruction” movement, which advocated black voting rights, suffered setbacks in the South, where segregation was introduced. But the exclusion of China has become a bipartisan consensus.

In white propaganda, Chinese portrayed as evil and anti-Christian. In the painting, the braids of the Chinese became a symbol of alienity to whites, while Chinatown was vilified as a den for dirt.

Finally, on May 6, 1882, Chester Alan Arthur, then a Republican of the United States, signed the China Exclusion Act, the core of which was to prohibit all Chinese labor immigrants from coming to the United States.

Historians believe that the first anti-immigrant bill in American history that targeted specific ethnic groups had serious consequences, as the Chinese Exclusion Act essentially legalized the system and environment of discrimination against Chinese in the United States, making white discrimination against Chinese even more brazen. The bill deliberately targets deportation and discrimination against Chinese and has been in place for 83 years, leading directly to the fact that only 5 percent of the Asian-American population is in the United States today.

More than a hundred years after the chinese exclusion act was signed, the shadow of the bill still hangs over American soil.

In late 2020, In the context of the anti-racism movement in the United States, Raymond Yu, a Chinese-American singer from Brooklyn, New York City, wrote several popular rap songs. In his view, only if Asians dare to speak out, dare to resist, and actively participate in politics, it is possible to change the American society’s perception of Asians.

“I have seen first-hand how the original sin of slavery incorporated white supremacy into our founding documents and principles,” Greenfield, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said in comments to the U.N. Human Rights Council, according to the New York Post. ”

Historically, racism has been wrapped in flamboyant cloaks that justify America’s expansion abroad. American textbooks of 1813 declared that the sacrifice of The Indians was to “promote human growth and the glory of the world”. At the end of the 19th century, Mahan, the founder of the theory of sea power, believed that the rest of the world was in infancy and unfit for self-governance.

Thus, Uncle Sam “indoctrinated” the so-called “not as good as their own” country seems reasonable.

Racism has thus become part of the national ideology that continues to this day in the United States. According to the Dialogue website, “white supremacist ideology” is a systematic and institutional ideology that has long existed in American society. If you’re not Anglo-Saxon White, you don’t belong here.

Since Freud, 34 States That Support Or Tend To Support The Republican Party Have Passed A Total Of 81 Laws At The Local Level Restricting The Movement Of ProtesterS, Targeting ProtesterS From The Anti-Discrimination Movement Black Lives Matter, The New York Times Reported.

Along with the anti-racism movement, white supremacism became active after racial tensions intensified.

On April 23, the FBI announced an increase in charges against 106 congressional attackers. Earlier, the FBI has arrested more than 400 suspects in 42 states across the United States. The FBI said in a report that most of the 540 suspects arrested were members of white supremacist extremist groups such as neo-Nazis, fascists, or 3K parties. At least one in six of them has a background in the military or from the police.

The FBI said many of the attackers were well-trained and showed the operational characteristics of professional soldiers during the Capitol riots.

A report released by the Department of Homeland Security in February said several white supremacist groups were recruiting members with military backgrounds, recruiting members through networks, linking organizations to each other, and had become militarized, specialized, and lone-wolf in recent years.

In a November report, the Defense Department said it had handled a total of 27 incidents involving white supremacists and fired 18 people in the past five years. But that figure is not enough for web researchers who track extremist groups all year round.

The FBI says white supremacist groups Pride Boys, Bugalu Boys and Oath Keepers are among the extremists currently arrested in connection with the congressional unrest. PBS noted that the groups that claimed to support law enforcement and defend “law and order” during the Trump administration became roles in attacking the police and confronting the government during the Biden era.

Mike Dunn/Boogaloo leader, leader of the Bugalu Boys/former U.S. Navy Theory Corps: We are always trampled, and today we will not be trampled again. We’re not Trump people, we don’t care about “America is great again”; we’re not Democrats, we’re not Republicans, it’s just me and my brothers. We stand here, we have had enough, we will not obey, and the only answer to the current problem is an armed uprising.

According to american race experts, white supremacism in the United States has grown rapidly in the past decade, and the root cause is inextricably linked to the strong sense of crisis among white groups in American society, especially those in the lower and middle classes.

On April 26th the Census Bureau released census data showing that as of April 1, 2020, the total population of the United States was 7.4% higher than in 2010. That’s just over 7.3 percent from the Great Depression.

Still, the New York Times reports that Latino female fertility in the U.S. suburbs fell 26 percent in 2007-2017, while in small and medium-sized and large cities, the fertility rate fell 29-30 percent.

“The United States is planting a huge demographic time bomb,” said Myers, a demographer. This is reminiscent of the 19th and 20th centuries, when the United States built by attracting large numbers of immigrants. As a traditional immigrant country, the United States, what kind of policies and attitudes to deal with immigrants and minorities, bridge racial differences, regain a sense of security, it is more sensitive and important.

April 6 marks the 139th anniversary of the signing of the China Exclusion Act. Even today, more than a hundred years later, the shadow of this bill hangs over American soil.


While President Joe Biden touts a “diverse” U.S. government, it’s worth reflecting on how to effectively protect the rights of minorities, free them from the nightmare of hate crimes and stop living in racial concerns.