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Biden wants to reopen American schools in 100 days. Fauci: Maybe not.

by YCPress

January 29¬†According to CNN on the 28th, Anthony Fauci, the chief infectious disease expert of the United States, said that because the epidemic in the United States is still serious, the new President Biden’s plan to reopen schools within 100 days may not be realized.

In an online meeting, Fauci said Biden was seriously considering the issue “from the perspective of students and teachers.” He really hopes and believes that schools in the United States must open within the next 100 days…

but it may not be done.” Fauci said.

CNN pointed out that Biden is pushing for the U.S. Congress to pass a $170 billion aid to enable schools and universities to safely teach offline and improve the quality of distance learning.

In December 2020, Congress had passed $82 billion in school aid, which Biden also called “prepayments”.

According to previous reports by U.S. media, Biden promised in December 2020 to reopen most schools within 100 days in office.

Since taking office, he has signed several executive orders aimed at assisting schools and establishing a national strategy to respond to the epidemic, but these policies do not mention the specific timing of school opening.