Home Politics Biden speaks at Munich Security Conference: “America is back”
Biden speaks at Munich Security Conference: "America is back"

Biden speaks at Munich Security Conference: “America is back”

by YCPress

February 19th, local time, U.S. President Biden attended the video conference of the 57th Munich Security Conference (Mu’an Conference), during which Biden said that “the United States is back”.

According to the Associated Press on the 19th, Biden said at the meeting on the same day, “The United States is back, the Transatlantic Alliance is back.” Biden told European allies that U.S.-EU relations have been developing over the years, and despite the test of transatlantic relations in the past few years, the United States is determined to “re-engage with Europe”.

In response, German Chancellor Merkel said that the return of the United States to the Paris climate agreement and stay in the WHO were important steps towards multilateral cooperation, and Merkel also said that Germany was “ready ready to open a new chapter in the transatlantic partnership”. European Council President Michelle also said at the meeting, “Welcome back, United States.”

According to the report, this speech is Biden’s first international speech since he took office, and it is also the first time that a sitting president of the United States has attended the meeting in more than 50 years in the history of the Mouan Council.

In addition, Biden also said at the meeting that the United States is ready to rejoin the Iran nuclear agreement.