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Biden officially won enough electoral votes. Trump can’t stop

by YCPress

Associated Press : Washington, December 4, confirmed the presidential election results on Friday local time in California, appointing 55 voters and promising to vote for Democrat Biden, which officially gives him the electoral college majority required to enter the White House.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla officially approved Biden’s victory in the state. Biden’s electoral votes thus reached 279, according to Associated Press data. This just exceeded the threshold of winning 270 votes.

According to the report, these steps in the election are often neglected procedures. But these secret ways of operating in the U.S. presidential election have come under new scrutiny this year as President Trump continues to deny Biden’s victory and seek increasingly hypocritical legal war to overthrow the election results before it is finalized.

While Biden apparently won the presidential election a few weeks ago, the more than 270 electoral votes were his first step toward the White House, said Edward Foley, a law professor at Ohio State University.

The report quoted welfare as saying: “This is a milestone in law and the first milestone with legal status. Everything before that was premised on what was called predictions.”

California-appointed electors will formally vote for the next president on December 14, together with state electors. Most states have laws to restrain their voters to vote for the winner of their state’s universal suffrage, which the Supreme Court ruled this year upheld. There is no indication that a voter who has pledged to endorse Biden will consider not voting for him.

The report said that the results of the Electoral College vote will be sent to Congress on January 6 next year, usually approved. While lawmakers can object to accepting the results of the electoral vote, it is almost impossible to prevent Biden from taking office at that point.

According to a German news agency Washington on December 4, U.S. President-elect Biden announced the overview of his inauguration ceremony on January 20 next year to reporters on Friday local time. He said that due to the coronavirus epidemic, the inauguration ceremony will be different from traditional forms.

“We’re going to follow the advice of science and experts to keep people safe, so it’s almost unlikely that millions of people will be squeezed into Washington’s National Mall,” Biden told reporters in Wilmington, Delaware.

The report quoted him as saying: “I think this ceremony will be more like a conference than a traditional inauguration ceremony.” By convention, he refers to the 2020 Democratic National Convention, which is held mainly in video format.

Biden said there are ongoing discussions with congressional leadership on the matter. He hinted that he would probably not hold the large in-person events normally seen in the presidential inauguration, such as the parade on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.