Home Politics Biden: My administration will not be “Obama’s third term”
Biden: My administration will not be "Obama's third term"

Biden: My administration will not be “Obama’s third term”

by YCPress

November 25th, Biden gave an exclusive interview to NBC to answer questions about the work of the new government and the process of regime transition. He said that the world situation has changed greatly during the Trump administration, and his own government will not become “Obama’s third term”.

Biden reportedly said in an NBC interview that “this will not be Obama’s third term…because we are facing a completely different world compared with the previous Obama-Biden administration”. He said that the “America First” under the Trump administration has isolated the United States.

Biden said that various departments of the Trump administration have begun to engage with their own transition teams: “They are helping me get daily presidential briefings, and they are also studying and meeting with the White House pandemic team.” Biden said that the Trump administration’s contacts with themselves so far have been “sincere”.

On the 23rd, the Federal General Administration announced that the Trump administration was ready to officially start the transition process and provided more than $7 million in transitional funds. Departments including the U.S. Department of Defense, the State Department, the Department of Health, and the White House have expressed support for the transition.