Home Politics Biden made a new statement, making it clear that the new government of the United States is not “Obama’s third term”.
Biden made a new statement, making it clear that the new government of the United States is not "Obama's third term".

Biden made a new statement, making it clear that the new government of the United States is not “Obama’s third term”.

by YCPress
Biden made a new statement, making it clear that the new government of the United States is not “Obama’s third term”.

This makes people feel that Biden is a person who turns against each other. You know, Obama is the key person who helped him win the election. Now he clearly says that the new government is “not Obama’s third term”. Is it that their two friends have turned against each other?

According to CNN, although many of the people Biden appointed and nominated are long-term public officials or have worked under former U.S. President Obama, he stated that this is not “Obama’s third term”.

Biden told the media that “we face a completely different world than the Obama administration; the current U.S. President Trump has changed the situation and created the concept of ‘America first'” when in fact “we are in a precarious position”. He said that the current situation in the United States led him to nominate people who “represent the views of the American people and the Democratic Party” to join the cabinet.

Notably, when asked by reporters if a Republican would be added to his cabinet, Biden responded, “We still have a lot to do. We hope this country is united and that this ‘vicious political dialogue’ cannot continue.” Biden told reporters that the first task after taking office is to deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

On the 23rd local time, Biden announced the first list of cabinet members, including Blinkin as Secretary of State, Majorcas as Secretary of Homeland Security, Haynes as Director of National Intelligence, Sullivan as White House National Security Adviser, Thomas Greenfield as United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations, and former U.S. Secretary of State Ke Li is the President’s Special Envoy for Climate.

These people are old acquaintances of the Democratic Party, and they can basically be divided into two factions, one is Obama’s old subordinates and the other is Hillary’s old subordinates. That is to say, the people nominated by former Vice President Biden of the United States are relatively balanced, and belong to several important factions of the Democratic Party of the United States. This move is to unite the Democratic Party.

It is worth noting that Biden has made it clear that he will not instruct the Department of Justice to investigate Trump. It can be seen that Biden wants to maintain the unity of American society.

So how is the ruling philosophy of former Vice President Biden different from former President Obama of the United States?

First of all, Biden has more political experience. He has more than 40 years of administration and now has more than 80 million votes, making him the most votes in the history of the presidential candidate in the United States. In view of this, former Vice President Biden of the United States is qualified not to follow Obama’s line and adjust the way the United States operates according to the needs of the country.

The withdrawal of troops from the Middle East under Obama led to the rise of the Islamic State, and Biden said he would return to the Middle East and send troops to Syria to force the Assad government to reform.

A striking signal from Biden is that the United States will return to the world and will never shrink back. It can be seen that the U.S. military is expanding, but the U.S. economy is also about to recover. It can be said that Biden may use both hard and soft, expand the economy with military assistance, and play the economic card just like Trump.

Secondly, Biden will pay more attention to science during his term. He has said that the advice of Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease expert in the United States, is very important, while making solving the problem of the novel coronavirus epidemic a top priority. From this, it can be seen that former Vice President Biden will respect the advice of scientists and make better epidemic prevention suggestions to the public.

Third, Biden will not use ideology too much to fight. Former U.S. President Obama is a master in the ideological field, but now engaging in ideological confrontation is not conducive to solving the current problem. Former Vice President Biden said that as long as it works with allies, the United States will be very powerful and omnipotent.

From this incident, it can be seen that Biden pays more attention to cooperation with Germany, and he also describes Russia as a major threat and regards Putin as a dictator. Therefore, in the ideological field, the United States and Russia will go to confrontation. But at the actual strategic level, the relationship between the United States and Russia may ease, because the Democratic Party does not advocate war with its opponents, but rather the Republican Party prefers to use the influence of the war.

Former U.S. President Obama made it clear that he would not participate in politics, but would help Biden at a critical time. Biden did not want to live in the shadow of Obama. Moreover, he received more votes and had higher approval ratings than Obama. The only downside is that Biden’s personal charm is not as strong as Obama’s; but he believes that he will be more rational when making judgments.

The current international pattern has undergone profound changes, and the United States is no longer as strong as before. Therefore, it has become Biden’s top priority to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus epidemic, restore the economic development of the United States, and improve the domestic employment rate. Many of the policies previously launched by US President Trump will continue to be implemented by Biden. It is difficult to change Trump’s policies. After all, the status quo is completely different. #What are the differences between Biden and Obama#