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Biden is waiting: Why is he still playing golf!

Biden is waiting: Why is he still playing golf!

by YCPress

“President (Trump) is still playing golf, and he has not taken any action on this. This is beyond my understanding.” While Coronavirus is still raging in the United States, there are few multiple problems with the US government’s “power” transition period. Progress.

At the press conference on the 16th local time, Biden seemed to be a bit “anxious” and began to complain about Trump.

Based on CNN and other U.S. media reports, Biden held a press conference in Wilmington, Delaware on the 16th to deliver a speech on his economic plan. At the meeting, a reporter asked Biden: We are facing the problem of long-term unemployment, and this problem is still rapidly deteriorating. 

What will you do immediately to solve the problem of work that may not be able to return to normal for months or even forever included in the community of color?

“What I want to do is to pass the “Health and Economic Recovery Comprehensive Emergency Solutions Act.” Now there are enough funds and capabilities to solve these problems. It is now, not tomorrow, now.” Biden emphasized.

Later, he began to lead the topic to Trump, “The president is still playing golf and has not taken any action on this, which is beyond my understanding.” Biden said, “You will at least feel that he wants to be positive. He left with a gesture, but what was he doing? There was almost no discussion (these issues).”

Biden answered questions from reporters. (Screenshot of US media live broadcast) Source: Ring Video/Nancy Shee

According to a CBS report, Biden said that the American people are eager to “cooperate” and “achieve results” between the two parties to alleviate the severe economic damage caused by the pandemic. It also requires Congress to unite and pass a rescue plan. However, the report also reminded that in the Senate, Republican and Democratic colleagues are at a deadlock over the scope of the next economic relief bill.


Biden commented on Trump’s refusal to admit defeat: “This is Trumpism” and will embarrass the country even more

On the 16th local time, Biden delivered a speech on his economic plan in Wilmington, Delaware. After the speech, a reporter asked him his views on the current US President Trump’s Twitter remarks over the weekend.

The reporter asked, “I want to know what you think of the President’s weekend Twitter. At first he seemed to admit that you won, then he said that he would not admit defeat, and said, “I won.” What do you want to say about this? Do you want him to admit defeat?”

On the 15th, Trump tweeted that “he (Biden) won because the election was rigged.” The US media released news that this was the first time Trump said that “Biden won on November 3. Japanese presidential election”. On the 16th, Trump again tweeted that “I won the election.”

In response to reporters’ questions, Biden said that this behavior was “very Trumpist”. He also called this behavior “rather than weakening my ability to start (in power), I think it will embarrass this country even more.”