Home Politics Biden generals also believed that the US election was rigged
Biden generals also believed that the US election was rigged

Biden generals also believed that the US election was rigged

by YCPress

We all know that although the former Democratic Vice President Biden has been recognized by the majority of mainstream media in the United States as winning this year’s presidential election, the Trump side has always been reluctant to admit defeat and has been looking for ways to fight Biden. The legitimacy of — just as Biden’s supporters were unwilling to admit that Trump won the election four years ago.

Therefore, when Biden announced today that he will be responsible for daily policy management and departmental communication after he entered the White House as the “chief of staff” candidate, the pro-Trump Fox News Network immediately found out this person’s A lot of “black history”.

What is “black history”?

First of all, Fox News found that Ron Klain, who was “hand-picked” by Biden as the chief of staff of the White House, once posted on his social account in 2014 that he agreed that the American electoral system was problematic. , Manipulated speech.

As shown in the figure below, on July 15, 2014, the American liberal media VOX published a poll conducted by the American right-wing polling agency Rasmussen on its social account. The poll showed that 68% of the Americans believe that the American electoral system has a problem and is manipulated.

Klein also forwarded the news at the time and said that “it is true.”

And the reason why this post will be uncovered by the Fox News Network and other supporters of Trump today is that since the US election on November 3, the Trump side has been claiming this. There were problems with the results of the second general election, and there were problems such as election fraud and ballot fraud, requiring a recount of votes. Biden believed that Trump could not afford to lose, and asked him to either show conclusive evidence or admit defeat.

Therefore, a confidant of Biden who personally agreed six years ago that the US electoral system was problematic and manipulated was considered by Trump to be used to “slap Biden in the face”.

(The picture shows the anchor of the American Fox News Network only hyped Klein’s remarks 6 years ago)

Of course, this is not the only “black history” that Trump has found about the next chief of staff of the White House. In another report, Fox News stated that Klein, who served in the former US President Obama’s administration many years ago and was responsible for the Ebola epidemic response, stated at an academic conference last year that the Obama administration’s response to H1N1 influenza The work was a mess, and it was only because of “good luck” that the epidemic did not become the greatest disaster in American history.

“A group of very talented people are responding to the epidemic, but they did almost everything wrong,” Klein said at the time. “60 million Americans were infected with H1N1 during that time, just out of luck. It did not make this epidemic an event that caused a large number of deaths in American history.”

(The screenshot is from a report by Fox News.)

The irony is that although Fox News claimed that the reason they uncovered this incident was that Biden’s supporters always claimed that Obama had dealt with H1N1 properly, so they used this statement to “slap” them. Klein said last year. The original intent of these words is not to try political “quick talk”, but to call on people to be prepared so that they can effectively respond to the next large-scale epidemic. This intention was actually mentioned in the report by Fox News.

However, the Trump administration and the US Fox News Network, which supported him, did not listen carefully to Klein’s warning, did not learn the lessons of the Obama administration, and not only failed to take effective response measures after the arrival of the new crown epidemic, but constantly Underestimated the epidemic and misled the public. As a result, the new crown epidemic became one of the most serious epidemics in American history during the Trump administration, causing over 10 million infections and nearly 250,000 deaths.