Home Politics Biden appoints this person to be in charge of external publicity
Biden appoints this person to be in charge of external publicity

Biden appoints this person to be in charge of external publicity

by YCPress

According to a report on the White House’s official website on the 21st, the new U.S. President Biden appointed the former acting chief of the Voice of America, Zhao Kelu, as the acting chief executive officer of the U.S. International Media Agency, responsible for U.S. foreign propaganda work, and became the first female chief executive in the organization’s history. .

According to the data, Zhao Kexu was born in Taiwan, China, and went to study in the United States after graduating from National Chengchi University in Taiwan, and then worked in the famous anti-China media “Voice of America.” Since the announcement of the news, many Taiwanese media have called out “Taiwan’s daughter to take office” and have been very excited about this.

According to the textual research of many Taiwanese media who worked hard to “climb relations”, Zhao Kelu’s late father was Zhao Tingjun, the vice president of the Kuomintang’s “Central Daily News”. 

Since the Kuomintang escaped from Taiwan and implemented “martial law”, the “Map Weekly” edited by Zhao Tingjun is a rare international current affairs publication on the island.

In August last year, former President Trump appointed a close associate Michael Parker to head the US International Media Agency. After Parker took office, he vigorously cleaned up the directors of many propaganda units, including “Voice of America”, so that more pro-Trump people could be placed in charge. 

At that time, several supervisors including Zhao Kerlu were fired or suspended.

Subsequently, Zhao Kerlu and the heads of several suppressed propaganda agencies initiated a joint complaint against Parker, accusing him of attempting to use personnel adjustments to make profits for himself and his cronies, and to assist Trump in controlling the media and propaganda agencies.

On the first day Biden took office, his team asked Parker to resign from the post of chief executive of the U.S. International Media Agency, and announced the appointment of Zhao Kerlu at a public press conference that day.