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Biden $7,000 Rolex was targeted! Unexpected ending

by YCPress

The New York Times, which reported on the matter, was criticized, and Biden was strongly supported by many netizens.

A detail of Biden’s dress on the day of his sworn in was captured by the American media.

The New York Times said on the 22nd that Biden wore a $7,000 Rolex watch that day, “breaking the tradition prevailing in the president”.

“President Joe Biden may have described his entry into the White House as a return to normalcy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (the seat of the White House), but at least one thing he broke the tradition prevailing in the president: he wore a Rolex watch.” The New York Times reported on the 22nd that except for the president named Trump, in recent decades, Presidents of the United States have tended to wear ordinary watches.

A Rolex watch with a stainless steel blue dial caught attention when Biden put his hand on the Bible at the inauguration ceremony on the 20th of this month, according to the New York Times.

The watch, which retails for more than $7,000, is very different from the ordinary watch worn by the President of the United States other than Trump in recent decades.

Biden was sworn in

The New York Times said that in recent years, most presidents and even some politicians seem to regard luxury watches as a symbol of sepetism that is divorced from reality.

In recent years, many U.S. presidents have been quite “low-key”: Bill Clinton wears a Tianmeishi Iron Man watch of about $39 and seems to disdain the aristocratic gold watch; his successor George W. Bush is more low-key, wearing a quartz watch of about $50; Obama did not choose a heirloom-level watch.

During his presidency, he chose the mid-priced watch of the Detroit brand Shinola or the sports watch of the Southern California brand JorgGray, which cost less than $500.

Obama profile

The report said that choosing a watch priced at $50 or less is either a kind expression or an old-fashioned pragmatism, because any gilded flash will be considered vulgar.

However, Trump broke these, and he has been wearing precious gold watches such as Patek Philippe, Rolex and Constantin during his tenure.

By Biden, the report went on to say that “he seems to have struck a balance between the two watches (he is so centrist),” but he is not afraid to show off his all stainless steel premium Swiss watches, including Rolex, Omega Super and Omega Seahorse (both of which retail at about $5,000 to $6,000) Right.)

But at the same time, the New York Times said, “To be fair, Biden’s watch does not mean ‘luxury’.” So what does Biden’s watch mean?

The newspaper believes that whether intentionally or not, the high-end but masculine watch shows that Biden still wants to be regarded as a tough man, rough, and young man with a heart even at the age of 78; it also shows that anyone, even children from Scranton (Biden’s birthplace), can also climb The peak of power.

However, “over again, he may just hope to attend the White House meeting on time.”

After the report was published, the New York Times also received criticism. Bloomberg believes that it makes perfect sense for an extremely busy leader to have a watch with accurate walking.

Moreover, wearing a famous watch is not uncommon among politicians from both parties. Former leaders such as Eisenhower, Kennedy and Reagan have Rolex, and Obama’s “Rolyx Cellini” worn after leaving office is much more expensive than Biden’s.

Many online public opinion also strongly supports Biden. Some netizens said that Biden has worked for nearly half a century. If he can’t even afford a $7,000 watch, it must be “financially problematic”.

Others sarcastically said, “The toilets of the former president’s house are all gold. What’s the strength of you and a watch?” Anna Navarro, a well-known political commentator on CNN, said: “Thank God, the standard of scandal in our country has been lowered to the level of wearing gorgeous clothes and famous watches. This is much better than before.