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Belarus begins to vaccinate Russian-made “Sputnik V” coronavirus vaccine on a large scale

by YCPress

Minsk, December 29 The Ministry of Health of Belarus, the Russian Ministry of Health and the Russian Direct Investment Fund jointly announced on the 29th that the first batch of Russian-made “Sputnik V” coronavirus vaccines arrived in Belarus on the same day, and large-scale vaccination in Belarus will begin from now on.

On the same day, the Ministry of Health of Belarus quoted White Minister of Health Pinević as saying that Belarus’s large-scale vaccination against the novel coronavirus will start a new stage in the country’s fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic.

The first vaccination personnel include medical workers, educators and occupationally susceptible people who will choose whether to vaccinate or not according to the voluntary principle.

Russian Health Minister Mulashko said that Belarus used reasonable methods to conduct clinical trials of the Russian-made “Sputnik V” coronavirus vaccine in Belarus, and confirmed the effectiveness of the vaccine for the population of Belarus in a short period of time.

Dmitryev, general manager of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, said that Belarus became the first country outside Russia to register the Russian-made “Sputnik V” coronavirus vaccine and start mass vaccination.

The DIM will work with White to prepare the vaccine in the next step, which will help simplify the logistics and transportation process, speed up vaccination and expand the scope of COVID-19 prevention.

White President Lukashenko said recently that White plans to use five to six coronavirus vaccines, and may also be vaccinated against other countries in addition to purchasing the Russian-made “Sputnik V” vaccine and producing it at home.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Health of Belarus on the 29th, in the past 24 hours, there have been 1,836 new confirmed cases in Belarus, a total of 19,404 confirmed cases, 1,404 deaths and 169,257 cured.