Home Politics Behind the Biden administration’s “warning”, it is the general doubt of the international community!
Behind the Biden administration's "warning", it is the general doubt of the international community!

Behind the Biden administration’s “warning”, it is the general doubt of the international community!

by YCPress

After four years of “against” by the Trump administration, the international community, especially the Western world, is looking forward to Biden’s entry to the White House, including Germany.

However, while sending “most warm congratulations” to Biden, German Chancellor Merkel also warned the Biden administration: “Don’t think that everything will go well in German-US relations from tomorrow!”

During the Trump administration, German-US relations fell to an all-time low. After Biden came to power, the relationship between Germany and Germany really ushered in an opportunity to improve.

However, Germany still has difficulty in hiding doubts about the Biden administration.

Merkel said Germany looks forward to cooperation with the United States on issues such as health and climate, but “the cooperation will be based on a broader foundation of common belief” and that Germany will not be in line with Biden on all issues and will push Europe to assume more responsibilities in the military and diplomatic fields.

In addition, Merkel expressed dissatisfaction with the sanctions imposed by the United States on the North Stream 2 gas pipeline project connecting Russia and Europe.

This sanctions are supported by both democratic and republican parties in the United States.

Merkel’s direct expression actually reflects the doubts of the international community about the Biden administration’s attempt to “re-lead the world”.

On the one hand, the international community has doubts about the ability of the Biden administration to re-lead the world.

Some American media said bluntly, “From Europe to Asia, diplomats and policy experts in capitals are questioning whether the United States is too divided, too weak, too focused on internal turmoil to play a leading role.”

What Trump left behind was a mess, including a seriously torn society, a crazy epidemic, a collapsed democracy, and a troubled economy. In Biden’s own inaugural speech, “There are many problems to repair, many states to restore, many wounds to heal, many projects to build, and many gains to achieve.”

Biden’s inaugural speech mainly focuses on domestic affairs, and only a few words about international affairs. Public opinion generally believes that after Biden’s administration, the main focus will be on resolving domestic contradictions, and it may be difficult to make a big show on the international stage.

Even if some people think that Biden is an indispensable “old hand” in international diplomacy, the recent riots on Capitol Hill have long destroyed the role of the United States as a “defender of democracy” and a “global beacon”.

It is not only difficult to serve as an example for the international community, but also difficult to even Become a model in the Western world.

Against this background, it is logical for Germany to push Europe to assume more responsibilities in the military and diplomatic fields.

On the other hand, even though the Biden administration has the ability to actively participate in international affairs, the international community still has doubts about the intention and behavior of the United States.\

The Trump administration has nakedly promoted “America First” in disregard of the common interests of the international community, in the final analysis, to maintain the hegemony of the United States.

And the Biden administration seeks to “re-lead the world” with the same purpose.

On a policy level, the Biden administration’s foreign policy will undoubtedly remain in the best interests of the United States, and remain essentially “America First.”

As a monopolar hegemonic country, the United States’s domineering diplomatic style will not change with the change of government, and will continue to seek to impose its will on other countries.

Unilateral sanctions such as the “North Stream 2” project will certainly appear frequently. Since long-arm jurisdiction measures can be targeted at Germany, which is an ally of the United States, other countries will be unable to escape American bullying as long as they violate the “meanim” of the United States.

It is worth noting that unlike seeking to quickly eliminate the legacy of the previous dynasty at home, the Biden administration is not eager to change the wrong approach on the Iranian nuclear agreement, trade war and other issues, but hopes to solve them through negotiations in the future.

In this process, the United States is likely to use its previous unreasonable practices as a bargaining chip to seek greater benefits for the United States, which has aroused the high vigilance of the countries concerned.

“We will be guided by our example as strength, not just our strength,” Biden said in his inaugural address.

The whole world will wait and see what the future will be like!