Home Business Before Biden took office, Israel showed good to China. Trump’s previous benefits were all for nothing?
Before Biden took office, Israel showed good to China. Trump's previous benefits were all for nothing?

Before Biden took office, Israel showed good to China. Trump’s previous benefits were all for nothing?

by YCPress

According to reports, on November 12, the official blog of the Israeli Embassy in China published a Weibo affirming China’s Chinese Social media platform, anti-pandemic achievements and stating that Israel has officially listed China as “green” List of countries. 

This means that people arrive in Israel from China do not need to be isolated for any single day.

In order to affirm the pandemic in China, Israel sent several messages in a row

In the same platform, Israeli ambassador to China He Zewei stated that on November 10, the Israeli Ministry of Health announced on its official website that China had entered Israel’s list of “green countries”. 

Those who fly directly from China to Israel do not need to be isolated after entry. In response to this, He Zewei also appeared in a green shirt, and personally affirmed Israel’s policy towards China and welcomed the Chinese people very much.

He believes that China has effectively contained the pandemic in a short period of time, and its ability as a major power and its achievements in fighting the pandemic are obvious to all. 

There are very few countries included in the list of “green” countries by Israel. This is their high affirmation and recognition of China’s anti-pandemic capabilities.

As early as July, the Israeli Ministry of Health was preparing to formulate a “green country” plan. The Israeli Ministry of Health Grotto said that if the person is from a country with a low rate of new coronavirus infection, there is no need to isolate for two weeks and allow free entry and exit.

Why not give best friend Trump preferential treatment?

Why not give best friend Trump preferential treatment? Ironically, however, Trump, who was once described by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as “Israel’s best friend in the history of the White House”, did not enjoy the “green channel” treatment. 

Since the outbreak in the United States, the Trump administration has not only failed to fight the epidemic with all its energies, but has repeatedly dumped China. 

The continuous spread of the pandemic has not only caused frequent violent incidents in American society, but also the rebirth of maladies within the US military. According to US media reports, on November 13, the number of people hospitalized in the United States due to Coronavirus has exceeded 61,000, which has set a new record for the number of hospitalizations in the United States since the epidemic.

 This means that the number of deaths will surge in the next few days or weeks.

Trump administration is not only incapable of fighting Coronavirus, but it also has no confidence in its international commitments. At the end of last year, Trump opened his mouth, vainly trying to increase Japan’s share of the cost of the US military in Japan, and demanded that Japan bear more funds. 

At the beginning of this year, the United States threatened NATO to make it an enemy of China. On November 5, the United States announced its formal withdrawal from the “Paris Climate Agreement”, which caused strong dissatisfaction in the international community. 

Trump has weakened the reputation and position of the United States in the world, which is unlikely to be a good thing for Israel, the United States’ closest ally in the Middle East.

Israel does not make a choice, and directly shows good

However, during Trump administration, on issues related to decades-long conflicts with Israel and Palestine, Trump showed an unprecedented bias to Israel and withdrew economic aid to Palestine. 

In contrast to the incoming Biden, Jonathan Freeman, an international relations expert at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said that after Biden takes office, the Palestinians “will benefit from it.” 

Trump’s previous policies may be replaced by Biden’s plan, and Biden may return to Palestine through the United States donations from international institutions that Trump has avoided.

From this point of view, this American ally Israel could not find a long-term “safe haven” between Trump and Biden, so he threw the hydrangea to China. 

According to the forecast report of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in September this year, China will become the only country in the world’s major economies that will achieve positive economic growth in 2020. 

Thanks to China’s economic recovery, many countries are now gradually recovering from the impact of the epidemic. 

Whether Israel can rely on China to gain national interests in the future depends on the sincerity of this American ally.