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Yoo Ah In (still photo from the movie "Burning")

“Bad in nature”! Famous male star was arrested 

by YCPress

According to media reports on May 22, South Korean police revealed that they have applied for arrest warrants for actor Yoo Ah In and her boyfriend A, who is an accomplice in drug use. The arrest warrant stated that they were in “danger of destroying evidence” and that the accomplices had attempted to flee overseas but failed.

Today, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office applied to the court for the arrest of Yoo Ah-in and her boyfriend A on the grounds that Yoo Ah-in denies most of the criminal suspects and may destroy evidence .

The police accused Liu Yaren of smoking or injecting five drugs including marijuana, propofol, cocaine, ketamine and zolpidem, but Liu Yaren denied most of the criminal charges. The police believed that he had the possibility of destroying evidence and escaping.

The prosecution also stated that the police believed that Yoo Ah-in was not a simple drug-taking crime, and because of the accomplice, the prosecution believed that it was necessary to arrest Yoo Ah-in. In addition, the arrest warrant states that they are in “the danger of destroying evidence”, especially in the case of accomplices who tried to flee overseas but failed . This evidence was used as the basis for applying for the arrest warrant. Liu Yaren took a variety of drugs, and the nature of the crime was bad. This was also one of the grounds for the police to apply for arrest .

It is reported that the police wrote in the application that Yoo Ah-in has been addicted to drugs since about 2020. According to the relevant laws and regulations of South Korea, drug addicts are punished more severely, and can be sentenced to 1.5 times the original sentence at most. After the prosecution requests the court to issue an arrest warrant, the court will decide whether to issue an arrest warrant after reviewing the necessity of arrest early next week .

The National Institute of Scientific Research of South Korea conducted a precise test on Yoo Ah-in’s hair and urine in February, and found positive reactions to four kinds of drugs including marijuana, propofol, cocaine, and ketamine. According to the medical records presented by the Food and Drug Safety Department, Liu Yaren injected propofol 73 times from January 4, 2021 to December 23 of that year, with a dose of more than 4400 ml. In addition, the police found in the medical records that Liu Yaren prescribed the psychotropic drug zolpidem for purposes that had nothing to do with medical care, and the number of suspected drugs increased to five .

According to media reports on May 18, South Korean police revealed that Yoo Ya-in, who had been detected with five drugs in his body before, only admitted to the suspicion of smoking marijuana during the investigation . He said that propofol and ketamine (K powder) were injected for therapeutic purposes. , and denies injecting cocaine. When asked by the police about the source of the drug, he said: “It was given to me by an acquaintance, so I smoked it.”