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Bach: Hashimoto Seiko is the "perfect candidate"

Bach: Hashimoto Seiko is the “perfect candidate”

by YCPress

Tokyo, February 18 After Seiko Hashimoto was appointed as the chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee on the 18th, IOC President Bach issued a statement to congratulate her and praised her as the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee.

The “perfect candidate” for the chairman.

Bach said in the statement that Seiko Hashimoto has experience in participating in the seven Olympic Games and has been the head of the Japanese Olympic delegation on many occasions.

Therefore, he is “a perfect candidate for this position.” 

Bach also said that in the final months of preparations for the Tokyo Olympics, Seiko Hashimoto will focus on the athletes’ experience in Tokyo while preparing for epidemic prevention measures.

After being elected, Seiko Hashimoto said: “I feel very honored to be appointed as the chairman of the Olympic Organizing Committee.

There are about five months before the opening of the Olympic Games. This role means a great responsibility.”

She also said: “We must put safety first and do everything possible to make everyone feel safe and secure at the Olympics.”

Since her predecessor Yoshiro Mori resigned for discriminating against women, Seiko Hashimoto has repeatedly promised to promote equality between men and women, and is aware of the “urgency” of this cause.

In the next few months, she will strive to create Corresponding mechanisms to strive for good results.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga also expressed the Japanese government’s support for Seiko Hashimoto’s becoming the chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee.

He told reporters: “I hope she will make full use of her experience and strive to achieve the Olympic and Paralympic ideals. “

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike also issued a statement, praising Seiko Hashimoto, and promised to work closely with her to “take all possible measures to prevent the new crown epidemic” and create conditions for the successful hosting of the Olympic Games.