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Bach: Encourage but not force athletes to be vaccinated

Bach: Encourage but not force athletes to be vaccinated

by YCPress

Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, November 17 (Reporters Wang Zijiang, Deng Min) The IOC President Bach’s visit to Tokyo on the 17th entered the third day. He visited the Olympic Village and the Olympic Stadium that same day, but was asked the most about it all the way But it is the question of “vaccine”. Bach’s answer is: “Athletes are encouraged to be vaccinated, but no hard and fast rules are made.”

Bach said that the prerequisite for all this is after the world has an effective vaccine. He said: “We will not make rigid requirements. But we encourage athletes to inject vaccines because it is good for their health. This is a respect for the host and other athletes.”

He also said: “Once the vaccine is available, I hope that as many athletes and Olympic participants as possible will use it. But it depends on everyone’s health and, of course, whether the vaccine is available. We call on athletes and Olympic participants, especially those who live in the Olympic village, can use the vaccine. But this requires their own decision.”

After visiting the new National Stadium as the Olympic Stadium, Bach said in response to a question from a Japanese reporter: “Japan is a relatively rich place, but in many countries around the world, many people cannot even predict whether they will be able to go to themselves on weekends. I like to eat in a restaurant, because this restaurant is likely to be closed. Many people don’t even know if they can live in their current apartment. The whole world is in uncertainty.”

He said that in this uncertainty, the International Olympic Committee hopes to express a certainty, that is, it believes that faster testing methods will appear, vaccines will also be invented, and the Tokyo Olympics next year can be successfully held.

Bach finally said: “All athletes should have confidence in future pandemic prevention measures and believe that a great Olympic Games will be held next year.”

Bach arrived in Japan on the 15th for a visit. On the 16th, he met with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee Chairman Yoshiro Mori, and Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike. After the meeting, he said that the Olympic Games will not only be held as scheduled, but there will definitely be audiences. Go to the scene to watch the game. This is Bach’s first visit to Japan after the postponement of the Olympic Games. He will return to Switzerland on the 18th.