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Georgia's first coronavirus vaccine purchased from SinoPharm arrived in the capital of Georgia.

Azerbaijani medical experts praise the safety and effectiveness of the SinoVac coronavirus vaccine

by YCPress

February 22 Baku News: Azerbaijani medical experts said a few days ago that vaccination in Afghanistan is being carried out in an orderly manner, and the SinoVac vaccine is very safe and there are no serious adverse reactions.

Hasanov, director of Baku Medical Health Center, told the media recently that Azerbaijan’s coronavirus vaccination has been carried out for four weeks, and medical staff across the country, including the center, have been vaccinated.

At present, no serious adverse reactions have been reported from any inoculated personnel, and some medical staff have begun the second dose of vaccination.

He said: “Vaccines are the main way to defeat the coronavirus epidemic.

We have received vaccination applications from all walks of life in society. At least 23 embassies and 14 international organizations have been vaccinated in our center.

Mesa Khbatova, an infectious disease expert at a square cabin hospital in Baku, praised the safety of the Sinovac coronavirus vaccine produced by China’s Kexing Company in an interview with the media and the trust of hospital personnel.

Azerbaijan officially launched the first phase of coronavirus vaccination on January 18, and Afghan Health Minister Hileriev took the lead in inoculating the vaccine produced by China’s Koxing Company in Baku on the same day.

According to local media reports, many international people, including Hand Harmanzhe, the representative of the World Health Organization in Azerbaijan, have been vaccinated against Kochen in Baku.

According to the anti-epidemic headquarters established by the Azerbaijani government on the 21st, a total of 233,129 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection and 3,198 deaths in the country.