Home Politics “Awkward farewell journey”! Pompeo visited seven countries intensively for ten days, but was strongly protested after showing goodwill
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“Awkward farewell journey”! Pompeo visited seven countries intensively for ten days, but was strongly protested after showing goodwill

by YCPress

Recently, from Europe to the Middle East, U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo is embarking on an intensive ten-day trip to seven countries, which is also widely regarded by public opinion as his “farewell journey” as the U.S. Secretary of State.

Long before he left, the Associated Press commented that his trip would be embarrassing, because all the countries on his visit had congratulated Biden, the Democratic candidate of the United States, on winning the U.S. presidential election. AFP also published an article on the 21st, pointing out that during the completed visits, Pompeo’s itinerary was “odiously arranged”, “embarrassing atmosphere” and “controversial”.

Visiting France, showing goodwill one after another was ignored.

On the 14th, Pompeo’s first stop arrived in France. During his visit to France, the adjectives given by the media were “low-key” and “zero welcome ceremony”. According to AFP, Pompeo spent 54 hours in Paris and only made a public appearance for one minute, laying flowers to the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in France.

The report also said that the French side characterized the visit as a “ceremonial visit” and did not arrange a press conference. His meetings with French President Macron and French Foreign Minister Ludreon were closed. Macron also said that the content of his talks with Pompeo would be fully made public to the Biden team; Ludrian did not even invite Pompeo to meet in his office as usual.

When visiting Turkey, it was suggested that the United States should “look in the mirror”

On the second stop of the trip, Pompeo had a “closed door” in Turkey.

The highest-ranking diplomat in the United States encountered the embarrassing situation of zero diplomatic agenda, and neither the Turkish president nor the foreign minister met him. Pompeo eventually met only one local religious leader. Outside the venue, many Turks protested Pompeo’s visit.

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs also issued a statement criticizing Pompeo’s arrangement of discussing the so-called “Turkey religious issue” on the occasion of his visit, and advising the United States to “take a mirror” and pay more attention to racism, hate crimes and other issues in the United States.

Visiting Israel and going to the disputed areas were strongly protested.

During his visit to Israel, Pompeo travelled to Jewish settlements in the Golan Heights and the West Bank, which was the first visit by the United States Secretary of State.

Pompeo’s destructive provocation has been strongly protested by Syria and Palestine.

American public opinion and experts have analyzed that from Pompeo’s various performances that break diplomatic practices and this deliberately arranged destructive itinerary, his main purpose is to cater to conservative forces in the United States, wait for the opportunity to obtain political capital, and prepare for his “political future” after leaving office as Secretary of State.