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Austrian athletes praised the facilities of the Beijing winter olympics

Austrian athletes praised the facilities of the Beijing winter olympics

by YCPress

Starting from october 5, as a test match for all beijing 2022 winter olympics and paralympic games, the “meet beijing” series of winter sports events have been held in beijing, yanqing, zhangjiakou three major competition areas, 10 international events, 3 international training weeks and 2 domestic testing activities have appeared, these events are also the last chance for athletes from various participating countries and regions to familiarize themselves with the regional climate and competition venues before the beijing winter olympics, attracting global attention.

kate mcconnell, the ioc’s sporting director, said many athletes had come to beijing for the tests, and that the ioc’s feedback from those athletes was very positive. as a traditional winter sports powerhouse, austria has also sent a number of athletes to participate in the beijing winter olympics test competition. recently, the reporter interviewed yanqing in beijing to participate in the test race of austrian steel-framed snowmobile athlete yanina frak.

yanina frak, who competed in the 2014 sochi and 2018 pyeongchang winter olympics, became the first austrian athlete to win the world cup in 2015 and again in 2021 and is considered the best steel-framed snowmobile athlete in austrian history. janina frak and her team left frankfurt, germany, for beijing on october 5th, not an easy trip. although the epidemic prevention measures are strict, but they have been a lot of help on the journey, and before departure did nucleic acid testing, successfully came to beijing to participate in the test match.

located in beijing 2022 winter olympic games yanqing district, the southwest side of the national snowmobile sled center, relying on the small haido mountain natural mountain-shaped construction, such as a dragon boat lying on the ridge, here built china’s first snowmobile sled track “snow dragon”, the track length of 1975 meters, vertical drop of 121 meters, by 16 angles, tilts of different bends, including a very rare 360 degrees swing. during the beijing winter olympics, the national snowmobile sled center will assume the full content of the three events: snowmobile, steel frame snowmobile and sledding.

yanina frak, who has competed in two winter olympics, said the track at the national snow sled centre was “fantastic” and was not only of first-class building quality, but also very clean and tidy. the biggest highlight of the track, she says, is the architectural style of the great wall of china, where people can walk on the roof of the track and the spectacular view of the entire track is spectacular. as athletes, they can easily travel around places by bus, and there are enthusiastic volunteers who are always on hand to help in times of difficulty, and every staff member is very helpful, and she and her team members are very grateful.

yanina frak said the result was not the primary goal of the test match, but the most important thing was to get familiar with every detail of the venue as soon as possible for a limited time and develop a game plan tailored for herself. her team still has a lot of work to do, to take advantage of the rare opportunity before the winter olympics to compete with athletes from all over the world, but also a short time to find gaps, make up the board of effective ways.

as the competition approaches, she hopes to be able to come to china in february next year and celebrate her race day in the best possible condition. at the end of the interview, frock wished the beijing winter olympics a peaceful, peaceful and fair event.