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Austria Pandemic Continues Lockdown all places will be close

by YCPress

Austria Pandemic Continues Lockdown all places will be close Although Austria began to implement the second national “semi-blockade” measure from November 3, the effect has not been significant so far, and the number of Coronavirus infections is still showing a rising trend. According to the latest data released by the Austrian Ministry of Health at 14:00 local time on the 14th, the country has added 7192 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the past 24 hours, with a total of 19,821 confirmed cases and 1,629 deaths.

In this regard, the Austrian government announced on the 14th that the restrictions will be tightened to a “complete blockade” state. From November 17 to December 6, the country’s non-essential shops, excluding supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, etc.,

as well as kindergartens, elementary schools and junior high schools that are still open will all be closed; the curfew that was originally imposed only at night will be restored to follow-up.

During the first round of complete lockdown, travel was restricted during the same day: people can only leave the apartment or meet up to one person for reasons within the scope of official permission. 

The “semi-blockade” order previously planned to last until the end of this month also includes the closure of cinemas, theaters and other cultural and recreational facilities; the ban on public events and gatherings other than funerals; the closure of hotels and the catering industry only allows take-out services; professional sports events It can be carried out without spectators, the stadium is closed, and only non-contact sports activities are allowed outdoors; further tightening of the maintenance agency visitation regulations, etc.

Austrian Chancellor Kurz explained at a press conference on the 14th that the reason why the government decided to adopt a new round of pandemic prevention restrictions, which is basically the same as this spring, is to prevent the country from continuing to implement the “half-half” in the next few months. Blockade” order. 

He emphasized that in the current severe pandemic prevention situation in Austria, “this is the only method that can work.” This is because the source of 77% of new infections cannot be traced back to the authorities, and the country’s public health system is also approaching its limits. 

Kurtz once again urged people to reduce social contact and try to stay with people who live with them as much as possible in their spare time: “The next few weeks will be extremely difficult. But the more firmly we adhere to the’total lockdown’ rule, the more effective it will be.