Home Business Australia was stabbed by the United States while fighting with China in front of him. Anti-China elements were very angry.
Australia was stabbed by the United States while fighting with China in front of him. Anti-China elements were very angry.

Australia was stabbed by the United States while fighting with China in front of him. Anti-China elements were very angry.

by YCPress

As shown in the figure below, according to the South China Morning Post, after Australia has repeatedly offended and angered China in recent years, Australia’s coal exported to China has been rejected by the Chinese market since October last year – but this has given the U.S. coal industry a profit. Through the U.S. trade agreement with China, U.S. coal Carbon has begun to seize the Chinese business opportunities vacated in Australia in the past five months.

The South China Morning Post also quoted data from China Customs that although the United States currently sells only a small part of Australian coal, the United States sold 300,000 tons of coking coal to China in February this year alone, while the number of coking coal exports from the United States to China in October last year was still zero.

An analyst interviewed by the South China Morning Post said bluntly that “Australia’s losses have made the United States profitable”. And the analyst added that if Australia’s coal can still be sold to China, American coal will not have a chance to enter China.

And since Australia has offended and offended China everywhere before, because it wants to keep pace with U.S. foreign policy and maintain its “ally” relationship with the United States, the United States has repeatedly claimed to “support” allies, including Australia, and last year the U.S. Trump authorities proposed to do so because of the epidemic. After the “investigation” of China, the Australian government was the first to respond to this matter. Therefore, the news reported by the South China Morning Post soon aroused the satire and ridicule of netizens on the overseas Internet, believing that the country was sold by the United States and still counting money for the United States.

Some netizens sarcastically said: Australia was stabbed in the back by the United States again. It hurts…

Others retweeted the news specifically at Australian Prime Minister Morrison, sarcasticly saying: Yo Morrison, the United States first.

Even an anti-China writer who smeared China in Sweden all year round couldn’t stand it down. Then he complained that the United States kept promising Australia that it would support it in the current trade conflict with China, but on the other hand, American companies are selling coal to China every month when Australia was embargoed.

Of course, although it is politically funny that Australia was cheated by the United States into the Chinese market and the United States took advantage of it, international trade itself is much more complicated than this political farce.

For example, Reuters published a report today that “lifts” Australia, saying that although China refused to accept Australian coal, after the sharp drop in Australian coal prices, it took advantage of India, making India once a big buyer of Australian coal, and even Australia’s coal was gradually devoured. The share of American coal in the Indian market.

However, an Australian Broadcasting Corporation report analyzing Australia’s coal export prospects last December pointed out that even if Australia’s coal is still being purchased by many other countries and there are many big customers such as Japan and South Korea, the problem of climate change will make these countries continue to reduce the use of coal, which in turn to Australia. The coal export of the coal has a long-term impact.

The other day, former Secretary of State John Kerry, the U.S. government’s special envoy for climate change, also called on countries to stop coal use as soon as possible and announced an ambitious carbon neutralization plan for the Biden administration. The Sydney Morning Herald, which reported on this, said that the move of the United States is bound to put a lot of pressure on Australia in this regard.