Home Politics Attend the Trump Club party and sign the “Life and Death Certificate” first.
Attend the Trump Club party and sign the "Life and Death Certificate" first.

Attend the Trump Club party and sign the “Life and Death Certificate” first.

by YCPress

Friday night, hundreds of revelers without masks ignored local epidemic prevention rules and crowded President Trump’s Palm Beach Club at Mar-a-a-Lago in Florida for the annual “American Turning Point Winter Party”.

According to U.S. media reports, each guest attending the party has to sign a liability exemption, indicating that “voluntarily bears the risk of exposure to the novel coronavirus”.

According to the report, the participants paid at least 2,000 US dollars and up to 100,000 US dollars to attend.

According to the report, participants in the party heard speeches from several Republican “star bosses” including Fox News host Laura Ingram and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Gabby Nice, a real estate agent who contracted the coronavirus a month ago, said he flew from Tennessee to attend the dinner party. Everyone walked into the club wearing masks and took them off as soon as they sat down. Nice said, “Are we afraid? No, our lives will not be limited.

White House press secretary Kelly McEnany and South Dakota Republican Gov. Christy Noam also attended the party, The Daily Beast reported.

The CDC recommends that all Americans wear masks and maintain social distancing, especially during indoor gatherings. But photos posted on social media that night showed people at the party simply couldn’t social distance and only the waiters wore masks.

Jim Roberts, editor of the New York Times, tweeted 9 screenshots of participants’ Ins and asked, “Where are masks? No. Where is social distancing? No.

Orlando Democratic state congressman Anna Escamani said it was not surprising that such photos flowed at the evening given that the Trump administration and Florida Republican leaders never considered the attitude of easing the epidemic.

Photos of the party were widely criticized after they leaked out. Jill Roberts, a professor of infectious diseases at the University of South Florida, said, “It’s a shame to hold such a party, which is very easy to spread the novel coronavirus. This is how super-communication events happen, not only are attendees at great risk of infection, but also service personnel are forced to take risks.”

According to the latest data on the website of Johns Hopkins University, on the 22nd, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States has exceeded 18.04 million, and the number of deaths has exceeded 1.7 million.