Home Politics At the first press conference, the Taliban made five promises
At the first press conference, the Taliban made five promises

At the first press conference, the Taliban made five promises

by YCPress

Afghan Taliban press spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid local time on the evening of the 17th in the Afghan capital Kabul media center held a press conference, which is also the Taliban 15 after entering the Afghan capital Kabul after the first press conference.

After 20 years of hard fighting, the Taliban have finally returned to Kabul, “not just avictory for the organization, but an honor for the whole country” and a symbol of the Afghan people’s return to state power after a long period of foreign military occupation, Mujahid said at the start of the press conference.

Mujahid said the past government has made many mistakes, and the Taliban do not want to repeat any war, nor do they want any enemies at home and abroad. Afghanistan is now at a very important stage in its history, and the Taliban have been able to secure cities such as the capital, Kabul, and have worked to avoid casualties.

The Taliban said they would not retaliate

Urge former government officials to return to work

Taliban spokesman Mujahid stressed at a press conference that the Taliban do not seek retaliation, after senior Taliban officials issued a decree to grant amnesty to former government officials, military officers and soldiers, and urged them to return to work as soon as possible.

The Taliban have promised not to harm foreigners in Afghanistan

Private media should serve the stability of the country

Taliban spokesman Mujahid told a news conference that the Taliban promised the international community that it would not harm foreigners in Afghanistan.

On the media front, Taliban spokesman Mujahid said that the private media in Afghanistan will retain most of the freedoms and rights, but all activities should serve the unity and stability of the country.

The Taliban said

Afghans who have stood on its opposite side will be pardoned

Measures will be taken to ensure the safety of the population

Asked what would be the fate of Afghans who had served foreign troops and institutions, Mujahid said that all those who had stood on the opposite side of the Taliban would be pardoned, but that the Taliban would try to keep them at home to serve the country.

Mujahid stressed that the Taliban will take a series of measures to ensure the safety of the population in response to recent crimes such as theft and robbery, especially some individuals with weapons will be required to hand over their weapons.


Want to establish an “Islamic Emirate”

The most important issue is the establishment of inclusive government

Asked about the Taliban’s plans for a future government structure, Mujahid reiterated that the Taliban wanted to establish an “Islamic emirate” and that the most important issue now facing them was how to establish an inclusive Islamic government, and that the establishment of a legal system was also a key issue for the Taliban to consider, as was tackling corruption in government institutions.

He stressed that all border areas in Afghanistan are currently under Taliban control and that the organization will work to avoid any illegal activities such as arms and drugs smuggling.

Taliban leaders may need it

“Some time” to enter Kabul

Asked when Taliban leaders would enter Kabul, Mujahid said it would depend on future developments, and that it would take “some time” for leaders to enter the city and participate in the formation of a future government, while leaders of political factions, including former President Hamid Karzai and National Reconciliation Commission Chairman Abdullah Abdullah, would also be involved in discussions about the formation of the government.