Home Politics At the critical moment, another article that was devastating to Trump came
At the critical moment another article that was devastating to Trump came

At the critical moment, another article that was devastating to Trump came

by YCPress

Recently, the “Wall Street Journal” of the United States published an article that may have a great impact on the election of US President Trump.

Because in this article, William McRaven, a former U.S. Admiral, stated that although he is also a conservative who supports ordinary people with guns and opposes abortion, he is basically the same as Trump. A political spectrum, but he said that he will support Trump’s opponent Biden in this election.

According to data, McRaven was a high-level commander of the US Special Operations Command. Since graduating from university, he has served in the US Navy’s Special Forces “Sea Leopards” (then known as the US Navy Underwater Demolition Team). The important commander of the unit’s “Assassination of Bin Laden” operation.

Before publishing this article, McRaven has repeatedly criticized many of Trump’s policies. Judging from his articles and past remarks, the core reason for McRaven’s decision is that he believes that only Biden can let The United States is “leading” the world again. At the same time, the United States also needs a president who is “decent” and who “knows how to respect people.”

And the most lethal part of this article to Trump is that McRaven clearly stated in the article that he is not only a conservative who supports small government, large society and increased defense spending, but also supports the Second Constitution Amendment of the United States. Give the American people the right to own guns and oppose abortion. He even thinks that people should stand while singing the American national anthem.

In other words, he actually holds the same position as Trump on many domestic political issues in the United States.

But he also said that while he supports these ideas, he also believes that the life of black people is also life, and believes that refugees who come to the United States should be granted citizenship, because he believes that diversity and tolerance are the cornerstones of American success. He also believes that climate change is real.

More importantly, he believes that the United States must “be brave, firm and with a sense of glory and humility” to continue to “lead the world.”

In his article, McRaven also said “affectionately” that in the past, even if the United States has been in troubles of all kinds, the world still expects the United States to guide the way, “because they believe that even our political ideas Different, there are conflicts in our country. The ugly part of our democratic system will make us make some wrong decisions, but the United States will eventually make the right thing. The United States will still stand up against tyrants, liberate the oppressed, and give They are free and fight for justice.”

“But now, the world no longer admires the United States. They have witnessed our contempt, our lack of respect, and our sophistication in dealing with international issues. They have witnessed how we broke up contracts, abandoned allies on the battlefield, and The dictator and the dictator get together. They have seen our incompetence in responding to the epidemic and forest fires, and our struggle in the face of social injustice. They don’t think we can lead them anymore…” Mike Levin said, “Without the leadership of the United States, the world will not develop in the direction we hope.”

Therefore, he called on people to change everything in the general election in November this year, and expressed that in order for the United States to re-lead the world, assume its responsibilities and obligations to its allies and the world, and regain the respect of the world, in order to choose the right leader. Instead of allowing the United States to pay a heavy price for its negligence and short-sightedness, he has chosen to vote for Biden.

However, it is a bit embarrassing that although McRaven’s article is really “emotional”, and fully demonstrates his Americans’ view of “American excellence” (that is, the view that the United States is unique and the best in the world. Country and civilization), but in the comment section of The Wall Street Journal, the comments that get the most likes do not agree with him, but mock him.

Some of them said that Biden has been in politics for 47 years, and he has even been the vice president of the United States, but there are no bright spots. What are the options; others say that Biden and his son accept The corrupt elements bribed by Ukrainian companies are not worthy of being the president of the United States.