Home Politics At least 86 judges have rejected Trump’s election lawsuits
At least 86 judges have rejected Trump's election lawsuits

At least 86 judges have rejected Trump’s election lawsuits

by YCPress

December 14 According to U.S. media statistics, at least 86 judges have rejected the lawsuit since the Trump team and his supporters began to challenge the election results.

Nearly half of the judges are appointed by Republicans, and several even Trump himself.

After counting court documents, The Washington Post found that these 86 people are both junior judges from the state court systems and members of the U.S. Supreme Court, 38 of whom are appointed by Republicans.

The article said that the U.S. judicial system showed an “almost consistent” attitude towards such lawsuits.

The Trump team has lost 58 lawsuits, won just one, and only shortened the time for Pennsylvania voters to modify mail-in ballot errors, said Mark Elias, a lawyer working with the Democratic Party.

Stephenus Bibbs, a U.S. Circuit Court judge appointed by Trump, dismissed the lawsuit to overturn Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania. He said, “It is voters, not lawyers, who elected the president.”

U.S. media pointed out that before the election, most of the judges appointed by Trump opposed the relaxation of voting rules and supported the Republican Party’s attitude of tightening restrictions.

However, after the vote, many conservative lawyers objected to the Trump team’s challenge to the election results, saying that there was no violation. The judges have made their attitude clear and do not want to be involved in political strife, said Charles Gay, a professor at Indiana University Moore Law School.