Home Politics At least 26 people died in shipwreck in Uganda
Four bodies were found in a lake in Minnesota, United States, which may be related to a suicide.

At least 26 people died in shipwreck in Uganda

by YCPress

Kampala, December 26 The Ugandan military spokesman said on the evening of the 25th that a shipwreck occurred in Lake Albert in northwestern Uganda.

Search and rescue personnel have found the remains of 26 victims. Three people are missing.

In a telephone interview with Xinhua News Agency, the spokesman of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces Navy, Favorit Rugumayo, said that a total of 21 people have been rescued so far, and there is little hope of finding other survivors.

Rukumayo stated that a passenger and cargo ship capsized on the evening of the 22nd from the landing point of Songalundu in the Blisa district in western Uganda to the Panimur market in the Paquachi district in the northwest of the country.

About 50 passengers and cargo. According to survivors, the ship had an engine failure and encountered severe weather.

Lake Albert is a freshwater lake located on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Shipwrecks have occurred from time to time due to overloading of ships and other reasons.