Home World At least 2 people died in flood in Sardinia, Italy
At least 2 people died in flood in Sardinia, Italy

At least 2 people died in flood in Sardinia, Italy

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Flood in Sardinia Italy

On the 28th November , severe weather triggered a flood in Sardinia, Italy, which killed at least two people. According to an Italian news agency ANSA

in Beatty, a man was killed by a landslide and an old man drowned at home. In addition, two people are missing, and the fire department has launched rescue operations.

Local officials asked people in the risk area to evacuate as soon as possible. 

Updated: Bad weather hit many parts of Sardinia, Italy, killing three people and missing two people.

November 29 According to a report quoted by the European Union News Agency by the European Network, Sardinia, Italy, has recently been hit by bad weather. Strong winds, wrapped in heavy rain and hail, all the way north from Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, causing the streets and ports of many coastal cities to be flooded by the sea, and landslides occurred in some towns. and mudslides, and resulted in three deaths and at least two missing.

According to the report, the Nuores region of Sardinia was severely affected. A man in the city was killed in a mudslide while driving. Two others drowned in the water while carrying basement supplies at home.

It is reported that the Sardinia Civil Defense Bureau has issued red weather warnings to cities such as Sassari, Ogliastra, Nuoro and Lanuse, advising people not to leave their houses.

The Sardinian Civil Defense Department, Belloi, said that the Sardinian Civil Defense Department has organized more than 250 rescue teams composed of police, firefighters and rescue personnel, ready to carry out rescue work. He appealed to the local people to call the police as soon as they were in danger.

UPDATED At least 3 people were killed in severe weather in Sardinia, Italy

3 people were killed in Sardinia Italy

Affected by the stormy weather, floods and mudslides occurred in parts of Sardinia, Italy on the 28th, causing at least three deaths and two missing.

After the overnight storm, the Bitti area of ​​Sardinia, Italy, was hit by floods earlier on the 28th. Roads were destroyed and traffic was interrupted. Other vehicles were flooded.

The heavy rain also caused serious mudslides in the area. The mudslides poured down, and some roads in the city were completely covered by mudslides. A large number of cars parked on the roadside were trapped and unable to move. The square in front of the city hall was also swallowed by heavy mud. Another bridge was destroyed. 

At present, rescuers have rushed to the disaster site, searched for missing persons, and started clean-up work, and nearby people have spontaneously joined in to clean up the streets.

The Italian Civil Defense Department issued a two-day red weather warning to Sardinia on the 28th and 29th. The Meteorological Department predicts that on the 29th local time, the storm will also hit southern Italy, especially Calabria.