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Asia’s first star was online rioted by South Korean netizens

by YCPress

Sun Xingyu may bring the most to Asian football with the word “confidence”.

In the group match against Ghana, South Korea lost 2-3. At present, they only have one point, which can be imagined from the difficulty of breaking through the group.

After the game, Sun Xingyu, the first brother of Asia, was paralyzed on the court. After taking off the mask wearing the whole scene, he couldn’t hide his tears.

Walking through the mixed interview area, Sun Xingyu met Gu Zizhe, a veteran of the national team who was waiting aside him, and the two hugged for a long time.

Also after this game, Sun Xingyu, who has been in poor shape since the start of the Qatar World Cup, was “network violence” by some South Korean fans. In the abuse, someone said bluntly that he was asked to withdraw from the national team.

“Why do you have to climb out when you are sick…”

“Sun Xingyu, you really can’t do it. Why do you cry every day? I hope you don’t participate in the next competition. You don’t even have the qualification to captain.

“Did you really decide to work hard when defending or playing? Don’t cry. If you want to run to cry, don’t participate in the competition.

“To be honest, Sun Xingyu performed well in Tottenham Hotspur, but he really didn’t do in the national team. In the national team, Sun Xingyu will never meet again.

Some words even insulted my family, which was really unsightly.

But at the same time, some fans paid tribute to the “Asian Brother”. They said: You are great. Don’t cry.

“You played very well and did a good job!”

“It’s really the best. The last game is against Portugal. Come on!”

“Thank you for your hard work. Thank you very much for your enthusiasm and sacrifice.”

The title of “mask man” of Sun Xingyu should start before the World Cup.

On the eve of the World Cup, in Tottenham Hotspur against Marseille in the group stage of the Champions League, Sun Xingyu hit the shoulder of the opposing player while scrambling for the header and was replaced. The injury was diagnosed with a fracture in his left orbit. In order to catch up with the World Cup, South Korea’s number one star underwent surgery ahead of schedule.

“The South Korean men’s football team encountered a bolt from Sun Xingyu’s injury 17 days before the opening of the Qatar World Cup.” Yonhap commented on Sun Xingyu’s injury.

About a week before the start of the World Cup, the South Korean team announced the list of 26 players, and Sun Xingyu was selected with injury. He was approved to wear a protective mask to fight.

In fact, after Sun Xingyu completed the operation, Ji Chengyong, the former captain of the South Korean national team, contacted him. His idea is to participate in the World Cup even if he plays with a mask. Send mediocrity.

In Ji Chengyong’s opinion, Sun Xingyu is the spiritual pillar of the South Korean team, and his name can pose a threat to his opponents. Fans all over the world know him. The South Korean team can’t live without Sun Xingyu.

It is not difficult to see the importance of Sun Xingyu to Korean football and Asian football. He has been working hard for 22 years.

Sun Xingyu’s father, Sun Xiongzheng, was a football player when he was young. Sun Xingyu began to come into contact with football when he was 8 years old and showed great interest.

Sun Xiongzheng was also eager to pin his football dream on his son, and he began to “devil training” Sun Xingyu. From the age of 8 to 15, Sun Xingyu has to practice for at least 6 hours a day. Shooting training, boring bounce practice, the thunder can’t move.

In order to balance the shooting ability of his feet, Sun Xingyu has to practice 500 shots with his left and right feet every day for a period of time.

It was this almost crazy training that enabled Sun Xingyu to practice excellent basic skills as a child.

At the age of 16, he was selected by a German scout and began to live abroad. From Hamburg to Leverkusen, his five-year Bundesliga experience has given him his own understanding of European football. Sun Xingyu knew that he had the ability to go to a higher league.

In 2015, the prominent South Korean landed in the Premier League to join Tottenham Hotspur, and the two sides signed a five-year contract. Tottenham Hotspur can provide Sun Xingyu with a stable chance to play, and it is also here that he has achieved the transformation from a star player to the “Light of Asia”.

After joining the team, he gradually sat in his main position and realized his talent.

Last season, Sun Xingyu won the Premier League Golden Boots with 23 goals, becoming the first Asian player to win the golden boots of the five major European leagues. These goals are all from sports battles, and the gold content is self-evident. In the previous six seasons, Sun Xingyu has never scored less than 18.

In this year’s Golden Globe Awards, Sun Xingyu ranked 11th, setting a new record for the highest ranking of Asian players.

As an Asian, Sun Xingyu’s achievements are enough to conquer the top European league and make his name remembered by world fans.

That’s why Zhi Chengyong praised his descendants like that.

With years of hard work, Sun Xingyu told everyone that even if his physical condition is not dominant, Asians can play wonderful football. As the first brother of Asia, Sun Xingyu may bring the word “confidence” to Asian football most.

This is his third time on the World Cup stage. In the previous two games, he scored three goals.

“Take it.” After the game against Ghana, Sun Xingyu said in frustration. As for the result of the game, it can be difficult for him to accept. Speaking of the last round against the Portuguese team led by Cristiano Ronaldo, Sun Xingyu said bluntly that he would do his best. “There is also the last group match. I don’t know what will happen, but I hope there will be a good result.”

In the view of many professionals, in addition to the injury that has not yet healed, wearing a mask affects Sun Xingyu’s running field of vision, which is very disturbing to players. Although Sun Xingyu’s performance in this World Cup is not as good as expected and not in the best condition, this should not be the reason why the Korean star was “networked”. Perhaps as a South Korean fan said, “It is a miracle in itself that Sun Xingyu can now play after a broken eye.”

On the evening of December 2, Beijing time, the South Korean team will play against Portugal at the end of the group stage. Only when the “Taiji Tiger” win can he get the hope of promotion.

Without Sun Xingyu, do you think the South Korean team has a chance to work miracles?