Home Politics As soon as today passes, Trump’s hope of “turning the tables” is even more remote.
As soon as today passes, Trump's hope of "turning the tables" is even more remote.

As soon as today passes, Trump’s hope of “turning the tables” is even more remote.

by YCPress

More than a month after U.S. election day, Trump is still insisting on the “election fraud theory” – although the accusation has so far been unfounded. Its team of lawyers also continued to try to reverse the election results of key states in the United States.

However, several American media pointed out that after December 8, the Trump team’s “turnover” intention will become more hopeless.

December 8 is the “Safe Harbor Deadline” date for this year’s federal election, Time magazine reported. Once the deadline is reached, it means that the controversial 2020 U.S. election has reached another milestone pointing to Biden’s victory.

According to federal law, if there is a legal dispute in the general election, states need to determine the final result of their votes six days before the Electoral College Congress (December 14), and the result “should be conclusive”

In other words, those states that confirmed their election results by December 8 will root Under federal law, it protects its election results and also ensures that these electoral votes are recognized in the final congressional vote on January 6 of the following year.

In the words of Richard Pearz, a professor of constitutional science at New York University School of Law, “the results submitted within the ‘safe harbor’ date ensure that Congress will calculate its electoral votes.”

According to the Associated Press, all states except Wisconsin have confirmed their election results before their 2020 “safe harbor” deadline.

As for Wisconsin, on December 8th local time, the chairman of the state legislature committee told the media that the committee is planning to hold a hearing on the presidential election this week to determine whether the election is “fair and accurate”.

The 2020 U.S. presidential election has arrived at the “safe harbor” deadline. According to CNBC

But the Associated Press pointed out that Wisconsin cannot change the results of the electoral college’s vote: Even if Wisconsin cannot formally confirm its election results before December 8, the state’s electoral votes can be counted

So Biden, who won 306 electoral votes, will defeat Trump “irreversibly” To say the least, even without Wisconsin’s electoral votes, Biden still won 296 electoral votes – 26 more than the 270 votes needed to win the election.

Time magazine commented that generally speaking, the deadline for the “safe haven” of the U.S. election is free of wind, but due to Trump’s delay in admit defeat, it is destined to become a high-profile node date this year. As the lawsuits filed by Trump and his legal team in several key states fail, the goal of the Trump campaign shifts to pressure Republicans in Biden’s winning states to “designate voters who are ‘against the will of voters’ and vote for Trump in the state at that time”.

According to The Washington Post, Trump has put pressure and intervened in the election results in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, but these strategies do not seem to have worked so far.

According to the report, Pennsylvania Republicans tried to prevent the state from confirming Biden’s victory, but on December 8 local time, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the lawsuit to re-examine Biden’s victory in the Pennsylvania presidential election, and the “last attempt” ended in failure.

Moreover, it is “almost impossible” to “flip” the election results in the final Congressional ballot on January 6 next year, even though most Republicans in Congress have refused to recognize Biden’s victory.