Home Politics As expected, Trump’s plan was exposed on the last day!
As expected, Trump's plan was exposed on the last day!

As expected, Trump’s plan was exposed on the last day!

by YCPress

The U.S. regime has entered the final transition period. If, as usual, on January 20, the new president was sworn in, the old president’s congressional testimony, mass parades, the White House dance…

But this year is unusual. Trump is Trump. He has made it clear that Biden will not participate in the inaugural position.

Trump also became the first outgoing president in 150 years not to attend the inauguration ceremony of a new president. Of course, Biden also laughed at: It’s better not to come, which is one of the few things that he and Trump can agree on.

More interestingly, it is at least three small details of Trump’s last day plan exposed by the American media.

Now that you have decided not to participate, let’s leave early. Originally, Trump was really going to leave on January 19. But maybe it’s still nostalgic. Finally, I decided to leave on January 20, just hours before the Biden ceremony began.

Hey hey, Biden, don’t you think it’s better not to come?

Now, you need to be busy preparing for the inauguration while having to “send” my helicopter leaving the White House. I just don’t know whether Trump’s plane will circle the White House twice in the last time?

White House officials have a headache, because the symbol of the President of the United States is the nuclear button. That password box must be inseparable. If you tell Trump that you are going to step down anyway, don’t take the password box away. This is definitely against the rules, and Trump will make a lot of noise.

What should I do?

Rules are dead, Americans are alive. It is said that the White House officials finally had a plan. We prepared two nuclear buttons, the A button, which will automatically expire when the time comes, and the B button will be handed over to Biden as soon as the oath is over.

Trump’s last day trip was first by helicopter from the White House to Andrews Air Force Base, and then by “Air Force One” to Mar-a-Lago in Florida. At Andrews Base, he hopes to prepare a military-style farewell ceremony for himself, with 21 shots, and he will deliver his last presidential speech.

This is a pain for American journalists. The front foot is to cover Trump’s speech, and the second foot is Biden’s inauguration ceremony.

I guess Biden also cursed his mother. On my big day, Trump still stole the spotlight like this. Pence probably complains more. The president wants to leave, and the vice president wants to send it away. The new president takes office and the former vice president wants to be represented. Then he had to rush back and forth.

It’s very Trump, it’s interesting, and it’s a little childish.

Of course, Trump’s mood is understandable.

According to a CNN report, Trump is now staying at the White House, leaving the door open, and is entering the “self-pity mode”.

According to CNN, in an informal discussion with his staff, an adviser mentioned the option of following Nixon’s resignation. Trump immediately furiously and warned him “full of curses”: never mention Nixon.

So, it can be understood why Trump must stick to the last day, leave one day early, give the White House to Biden in advance, no way.

Therefore, it is understandable why Trump must ask for a grand farewell ceremony at the Andrews military base. For the last time, I must go away!

At present, the White House is said to be busy with three times:

Busy moving;

Busy looking for a new job;

Busy digging the last hole.

For example, at the last minute, Trump also sent a letter to Congress demanding a $27.4 billion budget cut, including funding to support global vaccinations, so that some lawmakers scold: Is there anything more immoral?

In addition, even Xiaomi was blacklisted by waving a big stick to Chinese enterprises. There are also smears and sanctions against Iran, Cuba and other countries, which are obviously digging holes for the Biden administration. Don’t toss until the last minute.

But is it easy to find a new job?

In the past, it was really easy to find. After all, it was a person from the White House, and American enterprises still valued it. But this year is not the same. According to the American media, “Those around Trump have been treated coldly from all corners.”

A headhunter, which has been consulted by at least 15 White House officials and six have become clients, but one has been interviewed by the company. Forbes’ chief content officer also made a call: If you dare to hire these Trump (liarers), Forbes determines that all the information of your company is not honest.

That’s tough enough!

Finally, what do you think?

The old rule is to be bold and shallow.

First, we should also understand Trump’s mood.

When the president is for this sake, the United States is the first to make a world. The most beloved Twitter account is gone. For a super Internet celebrity, it simply kills more than half of his life. It is said that Trump will stand at the window from time to time, watching his men busy moving, looking for a new job, busy preparing to welcome Biden, leaving him alone at the White House window, sadly…

There is no choice but to fall. Therefore, on the last day, there are some extraordinary behaviors, understandable and understandable. But people can understand, but the state may not understand. So, we see that Russia has begun to be tough and has just announced its withdrawal from the Open Sky Treaty.

Second, Biden has a headache, and the United States is under great pressure to maintain stability.

Originally, I planned to take a train to Washington to take office. It is said that the itinerary has changed due to safety! Originally, the inaugural rehearsal was held on the 17th, but now it has also been postponed to the 18th. The Capitol Hill area is now almost a barracks. Soldiers can only sleep on the floor of Congress, and they have distributed weapons…

The United States is not calm. According to the FBI’s internal report, on January 20, there is a possibility of “armed protests” in Washington, D.C., and 50 states across the United States. Even if the stability is successfully managed, how to land the deep pits dug is still a big problem.

Third, look at it, the vast white land is really clean.

Without saying anything, I suddenly remembered the passage in A Dream of Red Mansions:

As an official, the family property withered. Rich and honorable, gold and silver are scattered. If you are good, you will survive. Merciless and clear retribution. If you owe your life, your life has been returned. If you owe tears, tears are gone. Injustice is not light, and separation and gathering are predetermined. If you want to know your life and ask your previous life, it’s lucky to be rich and powerful when you are old. See through and escape into the empty door. Obsession, in vain. It’s like eating all the birds and throwing them into the forest. It’s so clean to fall into a vast white land!

Oh, Trump, this is life!