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Argentine scholar: China's poverty reduction program provides an important reference for the world

Argentine scholar: China’s poverty reduction program provides an important reference for the world

by YCPress

Buenos Aires, December 12 Gustavo Gilardo, a professor at Lanus National University and an expert on China, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters a few days ago that against the background of the continuous spread of the novel coronavirus epidemic and a serious impact on the world economy, China has taken measures in poverty alleviation.

The achievements reflect their determination and ability to face the challenges and persevere in achieving the goal of poverty alleviation.

He stressed that China’s poverty reduction program will provide an important reference for the cause of global poverty reduction.

Girardo believes that China’s outstanding achievements in poverty alleviation are inseparable from its implementation of medium- and long-term poverty alleviation plans and the full use of poverty alleviation system innovation.

Since the reform and opening up, China has implemented a series of medium- and long-term poverty alleviation plans, which have successfully lifted more than 700 million rural poor people out of poverty.

He said that the current global situation is complex and changeable. The Chinese government has overcome many challenges and always put poverty alleviation work in a prominent position, which is the guarantee for China’s achievements in poverty alleviation.

The Argentine expert who has studied China’s problem for a year-round study said that China will achieve the poverty reduction target of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 10 years ahead of schedule after the completion of the comprehensive poverty alleviation goal by 2020, which will add confidence and momentum to the world’s poverty reduction cause and economic recovery.

He said that the number of poor people in China will decrease year by year, which will form immeasurable purchasing power and provide new market space for all countries in the world.

In terms of poverty alleviation system innovation, he believes that China has explored a path of poverty alleviation with its own characteristics.

Girardo, who has been to China many times, said that China has played a good “combination card” of finance and science and technology in its poverty alleviation strategy. He said that in rural China, poverty alleviation microcredit has provided rural enterprises with financial blood, and relies on e-commerce to help many poor rural households have been lifted out of poverty.

In addition, the governments of all over China have been praised by Gilardo for their accurate identification, filing, dynamic management and large databases for poverty alleviation targets.

He believes that under the support of data, poverty alleviation work is targeted and targeted, improves efficiency and avoids waste of resources.