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Apple was fined $12 million for violating Russian antitrust laws

by YCPress

27, Russia’s anti-monopoly agency issued a notice that Apple violated Russian antitrust laws and will be fined 906299392.16 rubles (about $12 million).

The bureau found that Apple abused its dominance of the app market. First, it’s an impediment to developers developing parental monitoring apps, and second, Apple’s App Store’s access rules aren’t transparent enough.

Apple’s problems were first discovered by Russia’s Kaspersky Lab. Some of the app’s parental monitoring features won’t work when a Kaspersky Child Safety (KSK) app it develops enters the Apple Store. Apple’s IOS12 system comes with screen time, which coincides with parental monitoring for some apps.

Russia’s antitrust agency says most of the parental monitoring features in many third-party apps have survived since October 2018, when Apple began restricting the development of mobile apps with parental controls.

Russia’s antitrust agency said it had sent the ruling to Apple to enforce it by November 30. And within 5 days after the implementation of the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service.