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How powerful is the "Trump Party"?

Another media ally persuaded Trump to quit: For your own sake, stop.

by YCPress

After being publicly recommended by Fox News to “accept failure”, the New York Post, which had strongly supported Trump, also began to persuade Trump to “cess up”.

In October alone this year, the newspaper also published an article in support of Trump’s re-election, and its exclusive “hard disk door” has also become a convenient tool for Trump to attack Biden’s “corruption”.

But on December 27, the New York Post turned its word and published an editorial: “Give up, Mr. President – for your and the national interests.” According to a.commentary by The Guardian on the 27th, in addition to the New York Post, Fox News, a subsidiary of the Merckdo Group, will also “change its way of mouth” when Biden is elected.

Screenshot of the report of the New York Post

The New York Post editorial said that Trump’s statement on Twitter to “overturn the election results” was “rejoicing for an undemocratic coup”, and said that his efforts to investigate the election “will not be fruitful”.

“We understand, Mr. President, you are angry with your failure. But continuing along this path is devastating,” the New York Post wrote.

“We, as a newspaper that supports you, need to tell you: if you want to solidify your influence and even prepare for a future return, you must direct your anger to something more productive.”

The New York Post believes that the Georgia Senate re-election in January next year is “a very important moment for the next four years” in the United States, because the election will determine which party will control the U.S. Senate.

Therefore, Trump should “start thinking” about the Georgia Senate election, instead of focusing all his attention on overthrowing the results of the U.S. presidential election.

“You should use your huge influence to support Georgia candidates and mobilize voters to support them.

As we enter this final week, you should focus on their success, not your own dissatisfaction.

However, only on October 26 this year, the New York Post also published an editorial firmly in support of Trump’s re-election.

Earlier, on October 14, the New York Post also exclusively exposed the “indecent video” of Biden’s son and an email involving Biden’s “corruption”.

These materials have also become the tools used by Trump to attack Biden.

With Biden sworn in as president comes, the New York Post won’t be the only conservative media to change its way.

Fox News and the New York Post are the media owned by Merckdo Group.

On December 27, The Guardian said, “Fox News’ support for the presidency will also change as the White House changes hands.”

Screenshots of Guardian news

The Guardian said that when Biden swears in as president on January 20, viewers of CNN may witness one of the most dramatic 180-degree (attitude) turns in history.

The Guardian believes that since it is no longer Republicans in power in the White House, and Fox can no longer rely on the president or his aides to call and connect

Fox programs at any time day and night, “after four years of slave propaganda for the president, Fox News is expected to Press the brakes in a few seconds of the inauguration.”

However, the Guardian added that this does not mean that Fox News will not continue to attack the Biden administration.