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Another legendary queen died!

Another legendary queen died!

by YCPress

She is Cicely Tyson, who was 96 years old.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama tweeted: “Cicely Tyson has been one of the few award-winning actors whose on-screen achievements have been surpassed by her off-screen achievements in her extraordinary career.

She has a heart that is different from the other — for 96 years, she has left a mark on the world that few people can match.”

Viola Davis, the best actress Oscar, wrote: “I’m shocked. My heart is broken.

I love you so much!! You are everything to me! You make me feel loved, watched, valued in this world where dark chocolate girls are not noticed. You give me the ability to dream.

Comedian and actor Wanda Sykes on Twitter: “Cicely Tyson opened the door, broke the ceiling and opened the passage (for us).

We will always be grateful for this.”

On January 28, Tyson’s family announced her death in a statement through her agent Larry Thompson.

“I have been Miss Tyson’s agent for over 40 years and every year has been an honor and love to me.

Cicely compares her new memoir to a Christmas tree, which is decorated with all the decorations of her personal and professional life. Today, she put the last ornament, a star, on the top of the tree.

Who is Cicely Tyson?

You may be a little strange to the name, but you must know popular TV series such as House of Cards, Get Atone with Pity and Help. Tyson, who is in his 90s, can be seen in these plays. It can be said that she devoted her life to the film industry.

Stills of House of Cards

Stills of “Help”

In 1924, Cicely Tyson was born into a black family in New York City to immigrants from the Caribbean, but because her parents separated from an early age and did not receive love from her family.

For Tyson, who had tasted the warmth and cold world, self-supporting became the main theme of her life.

As a child, he made a living by selling food bags on the street.

After graduating from high school, he worked as a typist in the American Red Cross to earn living expenses.

After being spotted by the fashion editor of Ebony magazine by chance, she quickly reached the top of the modeling world.

Soon after, she made a stage performance in the Youth Meet and Broadway in the Black Quarter, laying the foundation for her to enter the film and television industry.

However, Hollywood racism in the middle of the 20th century is still relatively serious.

Although many black actors have emerged in the film industry, they have little chances to be nominated for an Oscar.

Even if nominated and won, it is not allowed to enter the Oscar banquet hall.

The film must remove the black face on the film poster before the film can be advertised locally.

However, Tyson was still active in the film and television industry without hesitation.

He first appeared on the screen in 1966 with A Man Called Adam.

Not only to earn money to support themselves, but also to break the stereotype of black people.

She is very cautious in selecting films, and most of the roles she plays are full of power and connotation of female images and achieve extraordinary careers.

In 1972, she was nominated for Best Actress at the 45th Academy Awards for the film When Her Son Leaves Home, tied with Diana Ross for the second black woman in history to be nominated for Best Actress.

In 1974, she also won the 26th Primetime Emmy Award for Best Actress in a Miniseries/TV Movie for her “Miss Jane Pittman Autobiography”, becoming the first black woman to win the award.

In 1977, she was inducted into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame.

For more than 70 years, she has been active in front of TV screens, shaping one classic character after another, Roots, King, Past Feelings, Dying Lessons, Bluebirds, Poor Family Pepsi, International Airport 1979, Diary of Crazy Women, Fried Green Tomatoes, Thug, Country She is seen in movies or TV series such as Madam Secretary of State.

On November 22, 2016, 92-year-old Cicely Tyson ushered in her highlight again and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by then President Barack Obama.

“In her long and extraordinary career, Cicely Tyson not only surpassed the cast, but also shaped the course of history,” Obama said.

It can be said that Tyson is an old artist of American virtue and art.

Now, hearing the news of the old man’s death, netizens have also posted articles on social media to mourn the legendary black actress.

“I was shocked to hear of the passing of Cicely Tyson.” The words Trailblazer, Genius and Legend are not enough to describe Tyson. May she rest in peace.

“May the dead of Cicely Tyson rest in peace and never be forgotten.”

“Thank you to Cicely Tyson for all that brings.”