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Analysis shows that the effective rate of Russia’s “Sputnik V” coronavirus vaccine is 91.6%.

by YCPress

According to CNN local time on February 2, the mid-term analysis of the results of the third phase of clinical trials shows that the effectiveness of the Russian “Sputnik V” vaccine against symptomatic COVID-19 is 91.6%, and 100% for severe and moderate COVID-19.

The initial results, published in The Lancet on Tuesday, were from 19866 participants, with about three-quarters (14964) of whom were vaccinated with two doses and one in four (492) receiving placebos.

In the vaccine group, 21 days after the first dose of vaccination, 16 participants were diagnosed with symptomatic COVID-19, and 62 in the placebo group. From this, the effective rate of vaccine is 91.6%.

The clinical trial, which included 2,144 participants over 60 years of age, showed that the vaccine was well tolerated and had an effective rate of 91.8%.

Twenty-one days after the first dose, no severe or moderate cases of COVID-19 were reported in the vaccine group, and 20 cases were reported by the placebo group.

Research shows that there are few serious adverse events related to vaccines, with less than 0.2% of vaccine vaccinated people. The main side effects reported are mild side effects, such as partial pain, flu-like symptoms and fatigue.

The analysis only includes symptomatic cases of COVID-19.

Researchers point out that the efficacy, impact on transmission and duration of the vaccine for asymptomatic COVID-19 patients need further research.

“Sputnik V” vaccine is two doses of adenovirus vector vaccine, two doses of which use different adenoviruses, and the two doses need to be inoculated at an interval of 21 days.

Researchers say that using two different adenovirus vectors to strengthen the vaccine may help to produce a stronger immune response.

One of the advantages of adenovirus vector vaccines is that they do not need to be stored and transported at ultra-low temperatures.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund said that the “Sputnik V” vaccine only needs to be refrigerated at $10 per dose.

The fund funds vaccine production and is responsible for global sales.

The Sputnik V vaccine been approved in Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Argentina, Bolivia, Algeria, Palestine, Venezuela, Paraguay, Turkmenistan, Hungary, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Guinea, Tunisia and Armenia.

So far, more than 2 million people around the world have been vaccinated against “Sputnik V”.