Home Politics An oil tanker has been attacked off the coast of a Syrian port
An oil tanker has been attacked off the coast of a Syrian port

An oil tanker has been attacked off the coast of a Syrian port

by YCPress

An oil tanker 24 in the Syrian port city of Baniyas near the sea hit a fire, the fire has been put out.

Banias is located in northwest Syria, on the Mediterranean Sea. Syria’s largest oil refinery is located in the port city.

The Syrian Arab News Agency quoted a statement from the Syrian Oil Ministry as saying that an oil tanker docked near the port of Baniyas was hit by a fire on the 24th, the fire has been put out. The Syrian side suspects that the attack was carried out by a drone from the direction of Lebanese waters.

Several media outlets and organizations have different accounts of casualties and the attribution of the tankers.

Iran’s Banner TV reported that the attack on the tanker was one of three Iranian oil tankers that recently arrived in the port of Banias, the attack caused no casualties. However, Iran’s Tasnim news agency, citing anonymous sources familiar with the matter, denied that the Iranian oil tanker was attacked.

The tanker tracking website tweeted on social media that the tankers under attack were not owned by Iran and were registered in Lebanon.

Lebanon Square TV said the tanker belonged to Syria, which believes the attack was carried out by Israeli drones.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least three people, including two crew members, were killed in the attack, which was owned by Iran, and it was not clear which side carried out the attack.

The Israeli side has not yet responded to the incident.

Reuters reported that the refinery in Baniyas is a major producer of domestic oil products in Syria. Syria has recently suffered from oil shortages as a result of Western sanctions, and some government-controlled areas have begun to implement limited rations.

After the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, Israel has repeatedly air strikes on targets in Syria, citing attacks on Iranian military installations. Both the Syrian and Iranian governments deny that Iran has a military presence in Syria.