Home Politics An Indian officer was shot in the head and suspected of suicide
An Indian officer was shot in the head and suspected of suicide

An Indian officer was shot in the head and suspected of suicide

by YCPress

November 10th an Indian military officer was found dead in a military camp in Kashmir.

According to Indian media reports such as The Hindu, Indian police said that the officer was found dead and shot in the head in the Rashtriya rifle camp in the Rajuri region of Jammu and Kashmir. 

A police officer said that suicide is a possibility of death, and the investigation will consider multiple possibilities.

The officer’s name is Vineet Gulia (Vineet Gulia), a major from Haryana.¬†After the incident, many senior Indian army officials and police rushed to the scene.¬†

An Indian army officer died under mysterious circumstances in a barracks near the Line of Actual Control, and police said he was shot in the head.

According to a report on the website of the Indian media “Hindustan Times” on November 9, Indian officials stated that an officer was found dead today in Lajori County, near the line of actual control in the Indian-controlled Kashmir region. Currently, the local police are investigating this “mysterious” death.

The Press Trust of India quoted a local police officer as saying that the deceased was an officer from Haryana with the rank of major, named Vineet Gulia. Someone found his body in a local barracks.

The local police said that a gunshot wound was found on the head of the Indian officer’s body. According to relevant laws, the police have initiated investigation procedures. According to people familiar with the matter, this officer is a company commander of the local forces of the Indian Army.

According to Indian officials, earlier yesterday, there had just been an armed anti-osmosis conflict in the area, and four people died in India.

Statistics show that those Indian soldiers deployed in the Indian-controlled Kashmir area for a long time are often deprived of their vacation, low wages and lack of basic benefits, and have been insulted by Indian officers for a long time. Mental stress is generally high and morale is also very low.

In 2017, in the Indian-controlled Kashmir area, a young soldier was warned by his superiors when he was found using a mobile phone while on duty. After his mobile phone was confiscated and the screen was broken, the soldier became so angry that he used an AK-47 rifle to kill the officer involved on the spot.