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America's status as "world boss" is coming to an end

America’s status as “world boss” is coming to an end

by YCPress

January 25 that the website of Spain’s newspaper The Economist published an article “The United States and the Decline of the Established Order” on January 20, written by Miguel Bernard, a professor at the Mexican Financial Research Foundation.

The full text is excerpted as follows:

For nearly a century, the West has regarded the United States as a benchmark for democracy, freedom, justice and order in the West.

The new generation lives better than the previous generation, and the possibility of self-improvement through hard work and concentration are all ideas related to the “American Dream”.

But, like a nightmare, everything seems to be ruined. Today, the United States seems to be approaching the end of world dominance. Crowds of “mobs” invaded the parliament, the cornerstone of people’s sovereignty.

In the U.S. Capitol, the gates were broken and the signs were trampled on, which was the darkest period of American democracy.

Trump incited the mob, but many Americans still agree with him.

Those white Americans who have little education, who do not live a better life than the previous generation, actually go back to the level of decades ago.

These people feel cheated by the famous “American Dream”. They are the “fishing ground” of Trump and his populism.

Trump and his populism are the result of Obama’s overly moderate position and his naive policies to deal with China’s huge challenges. If someone thinks that the problem was solved after Trump stepped down, it would be wrong.

All the Republican Party needs is a communicator who can speak well and brainwash the disappointed people, and the Republican Party will have the opportunity to regain control of the political pulse of the United States. Democratic intellectuals and good governanceists did not attract most American voters at the disadvantage of globalization.

President Biden, who has taken office, faces three major problems: the breakdown of American society, China and the new world order. Let’s start with the last question: a new order or a new technical order. Americans believe that they are the king of technology and can control the technological order through devices, terminals, social networks and information.

However, they do not realize that China, which has the ability to produce all this, has been silent and learning. Technology has been in the hands of the United States for decades, but now things have changed. The sleeping Asian dragon has spread its body, and 5G technology has become a bag in China. Some people say that 6G technology will be the United States, but it is generally believed that China has established itself in this field.

The US dollar is used as a trading currency for purchasing raw materials.

But where is the cryptocurrency? What are the advantages of the Bretton Woods system and the dollar? Why deny that the dollar is facing a threat of death?

The threat is so great that even American companies are beginning to distrust the dollar. Big American companies want to get rid of border and tax restrictions.

They operate around the world and don’t want to be bound by “corsets”.

Biden and his team are on a mission to address the enormous challenges facing the United States.

For example, those dominant companies already feel that the United States is no longer so important to them, so they have huge hidden interests in the well-known tax haven.

Those companies that moved outside the United States were shocked to see their Chinese counterparts surpassing them and gaining the lead.

The United States has lost its dominant position in Asia and Africa, and its influence in Latin America is becoming less and less powerful.

If Biden wants to lead the United States forward, he will have to solve an internal problem: the breakdown of American society and the increasing level of mutual distrayal between the two factions. Biden intends to re-pin American society through his measures, but his success is a question mark.