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America's new "First Family", unusual White House Road

America’s new “First Family”, unusual White House Road

by YCPress

On the evening of November 23rd CNN reported that the U.S. General Administration (GSA) notified the federal department to confirm that Biden won the election and that the transition process for the new and old presidents officially began.

Soon, the new first family in the United States will appear in the spotlight of the world.

Time goes back to November 2, the day before U.S. Election Day, Biden returned to his former residence in Pennsylvania and wrote his wish on the wall: “By the grace of God, from this house to the White House.”

At present, it seems that this sentence will come true in a month and a half.

Stuttering as a child, losing his wife in England, suffering from brain tumors in middle age, and losing his son in old age. Biden’s path of life is by no means smooth, and even suffered heavy blows several times. However, with faith and perseverance, he stepped through one obstacle, approached his political dream step by step, and finally realized his dream.

(Picture says: On the night of victory, Biden held an eight-month-old blog)

Biden’s story cannot but be said to be inspirational. Along the way, his family, wife and children gave him a lot of support and warmth. In the public eye, Biden has always been a good husband, a good father and a good grandfather who values his family.


“Joe, you are not better than others, but you are not worse than others.”

Joseph Robinette Joe Biden Jr. was born on November 20, 1942 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, to a blue collar family. He is the eldest, a sister and the brother of two brothers.

(Picture says: Biden mother Finnegan and four children, second from right Biden Jr.)

His ancestors are from Ireland and their parents are devout Catholics, so attaching importance to the family has become Biden’s lifelong belief.

A few years later, Scranton fell into economic decline. His father moved with his family to neighboring Delaware to start a business in the second-smallest state in the United States to sell used cars and try to maintain a family’s food and clothing.

Biden was infirm and sick from an early age, stuttering and often laughed at. His mother Finnegan taught him: “Joe, you are not better than others, but not worse than others. Everyone is equal.”

To overcome his stuttering, Biden, encouraged by his mother, persistently practiced reading and speaking. He likes to read the poems of Irish poets such as Yates and practice pronunciation and bite words in the mirror. In order to speak smoothly, he is familiar with the content of the speech over and over until he can recite it.

If you are bullied by other children outside, the mother will tell him: “Joe, you go back and blow those bad boys’ noses to bleed, and you will go out with dignity.”

Strong mother laid the foundation for Biden’s tough character all his life. He increasingly believes that life requires continuous efforts and eternal hope.

(Picture says: Biden and mother Finnegan)

After middle school, Biden’s stuttering has improved significantly.

He later attended the University of Delaware to major in political history, and after graduation, he went to Syracuse University Law School for further study.

At the age of 25, he married his wife, Nella Hunter, and swore to his father-in-law that he would become President of the United States. They soon have three lovely children: Bo, Hunter and Naomi.

(Picture says: Biden and first wife Nella, two sons Bo and Hunter)


“She reborn me”

On Christmas Eve 1972, shortly after Biden, 30, was elected to the Delaware Senate, his wife Nella was involved in a car accident while out with her three children. Naomi, the youngest daughter of the monk Nelia, was killed in the car accident, and the eldest son Bo and the youngest son Hunter were also seriously injured. If Biden was struck by lightning, his inner pain and anger made him want to give up his political career at one time.

Until 1975, he met Jill Tracy Jacobs.

Jill Jacobs was born in 1951 in a middle-class family in New Jersey. He has four sisters. As the eldest daughter of the family, Jill has been independent and responsible since childhood.

When she was in high school, she had a clear goal in life: to have her own identity, occupation, and support herself. At the age of 15, he began his first job. He married college football player Stevenson in 1970, but divorced a few years later due to emotional discord.

(Picture says: Jill and Biden when I was young)

In 1975, Jill, who was a senior at the University of Delaware, worked five jobs at the same time, one of which was a part-time model. One day, while waiting for the bus, Biden was fascinated by the girl on the station billboard, who was Jill. Coincidentally, Biden’s brother happened to know the girl and asked to call her from a friend.

One ordinary Saturday, Jill suddenly received a strange phone call, “How did you have my mobile phone number?” It became the first thing Gill said to Biden.

Their first date was to see the movie “A Man And A Woman”, and Biden waited for her in front of Jill’s house in a sports suit. Seeing Biden outside the door, Jill thought, “I won’t fall in love with this person. It doesn’t work. He’s nine years older than me!” Unexpectedly, after returning home from the movie, Jill excitedly called his mother: “Mom, he is the most gentlemanly man I have ever met!”

Biden fell in love with the smart and beautiful girl at a glance. He pursued Jill fiercely and proposed five times before getting Jill’s nod. The two sons also liked Jill, and naturally they called her “Mom”.

(Picture says: Jill and Biden's two sons when they were young)

(Picture says: Jill and Biden’s two sons when they were young)

“By that time, I had fallen in love with his two lovely sons, which made me feel that the marriage must be successful. Two children have lost their biological mother, and I can’t let them lose another mother. So I must be 100% sure. I was only 25 when we got married, which was too important for me at that time when I was young.

In 1977, Biden married Gill and gave birth to a daughter Ashley four years later. Biden described Jill in his autobiography: “She brought me back to life, and she made me believe that my family will be complete again.”

(Picture says: The Bidens were on Capitol Hill in 1985)

Today, Jill is known as “Dr. Biden” (Dr. Biden), the English professor with a double master’s degree and a doctorate, will become the next “First Lady” of the United States.

She positioned herself on the front page of Twitter as a lifelong educator, a military mother, grandmother, a sister, and finally, Biden’s wife.

(Picture says: Jill’s Twitter profile)

From 1993 to 2008, Gill was a lecturer in English and writing at Delaware Technical Community College; from 2009 to now, he has been a professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College.

During Biden’s eight years as Vice President of the United States, Jill continued to teach in addition to his duties as the Vice President’s wife.

Jill used her mother’s surname in school, and the bodyguards who followed her to the school were all dressed as students, so many students did not know that she was the wife of the vice president.

Jill said, “I love work. I’m a professional woman. Education is my passion, the career I love, what I have been doing, and the focus of my life.


Bo: “Look at me, Hunter, I love you”

Time goes back to the winter of 1972. The sudden car accident caused Biden to lose his wife and daughter at the same time. Two children survived: the eldest son Bo’s body fractures, and the youngest son Hunter suffered severe skull damage.

Persuasion from his colleagues in the party, the young senator chose to endure grief and insist on staying in office. He started a three-hour daily commute from Wilmington apartments and Washington, D.C., just to spare more time to take care of his two sons. The relationship between father and son has also become closer and closer.

Bo has been sensible and clever since childhood, and his younger brother Hunter has always been the object of his brother’s love.

“He and his brother are very close. At that time, Bo was almost four years old and Hunter was almost three years old. He looked at Hunter and said, ‘Hunter, look at me, look at me, Hunter, I love you, hold my hand.’ This is Bo, since he was a child, he was a man and always supported others. Biden recalled Bo in his 2017 interview program.

At that time, Bo had died for two years. Bo died of brain cancer in 2015 at the age of 46.

In Biden’s eyes, Bo is his more perfect embodiment, “Bo has all my strengths, not my weaknesses”, and “He (Bo) is my soul”.

(Picture says: Biden and his eldest son Bo)

Biden unreservedly supported Beau’s development, as if to make up for the Delaware villain who had no background in those years. For the man who has been chasing the presidential dream for most of his life, Biden even considered letting Beau run for president.

Bo joined the Delaware Army National Guard in 2003 and was promoted to at least colonel. In 2008, he served on the battlefield for one year as a lawyer during the Iraq War.

(Picture says: Biden met his eldest son Bo in Iraq in 2008)

After retiring, he became the Attorney General of Delaware, and made many efforts to reduce child sexual assault during his tenure. After Biden resigned from the Senate to run in the 2008 election, there was a time when the public speculated that the Expo would participate in the by-election to succeed his father’s seat.

When he entered his political career, Bo made it clear that he would succeed on his own, refused to inherit his father’s Senate seat, and prepared to run for governor.

But God made another joke on Biden at this time. In 2013, Beau was diagnosed with brain cancer and forced to resign for treatment. In order to pay for the high medical expenses, Biden even plans to apply for a second mortgage or sell a house.

After several twists and turns, Bo recovered after surgery and routine chemotherapy. However, in the spring of 2015, he was sent to the hospital for treatment due to recurrence. A week later, Bo died of illness, leaving behind a grieving wife, Hayley, and two young children: Natalie and Hunter Jr.

Bo’s last wish at the bedside was to make his father promise: to continue to run for president.

(Picture says: funeral of eldest son Bo on June 6, 2015)


“After experiencing pain

Life overlaps together.”

Bo’s death has dealt a huge blow to Biden and other family members. The loss of his eldest son forced Biden to temporarily abandon his presidential election in 2016. Unexpectedly, Bo’s wife, Hailey, and his brother Hunter fell in love because they lost their favorite person at the same time.

(Picture says: Hunter and his sister-in-law Hailey fell in love for two years)

For a while, the “uncle-in-law love” was widely discussed and questioned by the outside world. But Hunter explained to the media: “No one but my sister-in-law can understand the pain of losing my brother. We are very lucky to find love and support in each other in such a difficult period, which is seen by our beloved relatives and friends. We are also grateful that our family and friends have always been very supportive of us.

Although they later separated, the Bidens expressed understanding and blessings about their youngest son’s relationship with their eldest daughter-in-law at that time.” We are lucky to see Hunter and Hayley find each other. They are living together after such pain.”

After his uncle and sister-in-law separated, Hunter also divorced his ex-wife Catherine. He soon married a young wife, Coen, and added a boy to the Biden family this spring. Biden has a second grandson named Xiao Bo.

(Picture says: Biden’s three children from left to right: Ashley, Hunter, Bo)

Hunter raised three girls with his ex-wife Catherine: Naomi, Finnigan and Macy.

Contrary to the integrity of his eldest brother, Hunter, who takes his mother’s surname, Nelia, is famous for his son. As a lawyer and lobbyist in Washington, he has repeatedly fallen into various “scandals”: drug abuse, alcohol abuse, illegitimate daughter, aunt-in-law love, suspected corruption in Ukraine, “hard disk door” incident, etc. It’s a headache for Biden.

But in the end, the father and son fell in love, and they finally reached a reconciliation. Hunter said, “As soon as I apologize to my father, my father said, ‘I should apologize. Our debate over who is right and wrong has never stopped. We both think that we are sorry for each other. However, there was no result, and my father said, ‘Forget it, leave it to time to solve it’.”

Hunter once told the media, “There is no way to think of something more important in life than family. The Bidens family’s home motto is ‘family is always first.”

(Picture says: Biden’s family photo in 2010)


Once a rebellious girl, now she keeps a low profile and does good deeds.

Born in 1982, Ashley Biden, the only child and youngest daughter of Jill and Biden, was loved by her parents and older brothers since she was a child. Perhaps because of excessive spoiling, Ashley lost herself at one time when she was very rebellious in adolescence. She has been arrested twice for hiding drugs.

(Picture says: Little Ashley and her parents and brothers)

However, she still has the Biden family’s “social attention and responsibility” side.

After graduating from college, Ashley identified the field she wanted to develop: social work. She began to pay attention to the public education, mental health, employment and vocational training of adolescents, and worked in juvenile institutions.

Thanks to her excellent work, Ashley became Executive Director of the Delaware Justice Center in 2014 and worked on juvenile delinquency.

Ashley married in 2012 to a plastic surgeon. Overall, Ashley, 38, is a low-key person, but many Americans like her ordinary and real.

(Picture says: Biden and his little daughter Ashley)

In August, Ashley held a campaign for Wisconsin women to discuss Biden’s agenda on women’s topics. According to media analysis, because Jill did not intend to give up her job, Ashley may follow her father to the world stage and become the “th thousand gold” entrusted with an important task.


“Those who want to get close to Joe Biden must get through our pass first”

(Picture says: Elder granddaughter Naomi Top pic on Twitter: “Anybody who wants to get close to Joe Biden must get through our pass first.”)

Naomi is the eldest daughter of Biden’s youngest son Hunter and his ex-wife Catherine, who gave birth to three girls for Hunter. Naomi is the oldest of his grandchildren. Born in December 1991, she is now about to turn 29 years old. She is the eldest sister.

She has three sisters and two younger brothers below. The siblings are: Finnegan (20 years old), Messi (18 years old), Natalie (16 years old), Hunter Jr. (14 years old) and Bo Jr. (eight months old). Among them, Natalie and Hunt are her two children of her uncle, and Bo is her half-brother.

Naomi has the same name as her premature aunt, and her sister Finnegan shares the same name as their great-grandmother.

The Biden family is so closely connected that it can be felt by the name.

Naomi has attended many important occasions with her grandfather since childhood, and is regarded as a “Political Girl” in the eyes of the American media. In 2004, Biden took Naomi to Capitol Hill. In 2011, Biden took Naomi to Beijing. They ate steamed buns at Yaoji fried liver restaurant near the drum tower. At that time, she was beautiful and slender, and she was less than 19 years old.

(Picture says: Biden and Naomi’s commissary in Beijing Hutong in 2011)

Now Naomi has matured and decent, and has worked as a lawyer after graduating from college. Her sisters also began to appear in public. Finnigan and Natalie helped Grandpa in the final stage of this year’s election.

(Picture says: Finnegan, who likes to wear pink clothes, helps Grandpa canvass for votes)

Little Hunter was taken by his grandfather to worship his dead father Bo one day before the election day and the day after the election day of victory. And eight-month-old Bo also appeared on the night of victory, hugged by his father Hunter and kissed his 78-year-old grandfather Biden.

(Picture says: Winning night, Biden and his family)

As she defined herself on Twitter, the hashtag: “Sister, Daughter, Granddaughter.” She has been “protecting” her grandfather Biden with her brothers and sisters.

“Anyone who wants to get close to Joe Biden must get through us first,” she wrote on top of Twitter.