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Americans dont dare to get vaccinated. British people want to be vaccinated nationwide.

Americans dont dare to get vaccinated. British people want to be vaccinated nationwide.

by YCPress

According to CNBC News Network and the Associated Press, as pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer have made important progress in the development of a coronavirus vaccine, the Trump administration in the United States recently announced that they intend to vaccinate at least 100 million Americans against the end of February, even if Trump was no longer the President of the United States by that time.

image 170 Americans dont dare to get vaccinated. British people want to be vaccinated nationwide.

An epidemic prevention expert from the Trump administration also said that among the 100 million Americans, who make up about one-third of the total population of the United States, they will give priority to vaccinating vulnerable people such as the elderly and medical staff fighting on the front line of the epidemic.\

image 169 Americans dont dare to get vaccinated. British people want to be vaccinated nationwide.

American nurses dare not vaccinate.

This seems to be good news.

According to CNN, the number of deaths from the coronavirus in the United States has reached 2,804 in the past day. This is an unprecedented record, surpassing the record of 2,603 deaths on April 15 this year. In the following weeks, according to CNN analysis, we will see the death toll in the United States reach 3,000 or even more than 4,000 every day.

In the early morning of this morning Beijing time (December 4), the situation in the United States: 1,4061606 confirmed cases; 275,256 deaths.

Double double world number one.

Meanwhile, the number of COVID-19 patients in U.S. hospitals is rising, and the number of hospitalizations has exceeded 100,000!

It has been climbing for more than two months, about twice the duration of the two surges in cases in the epidemic. It is widely expected that the increase in admissions will continue. Several states are setting record numbers of coronavirus hospitalizations, and hospitals in some parts of the United States have made trade-offs due to the increasing shortage of personnel and beds.

Then get the vaccine quickly.

However, according to a local station on ABC News, the American Nurses Association, an authoritative nursing agency in the United States, found in a survey that only 34% of the nearly 13,000 nurses interviewed were willing to receive the coronavirus vaccine, while the people who were unwilling to get the vaccine and hesitating respectively accounted for the 36% and 31%.\

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Screenshot from ABC local station report

A series of recent reports released by other local media in the United States also show that there are indeed a large number of nurses across the United States who are resistant to getting the coronavirus vaccine. They have this feeling because of a series of poor epidemic prevention performances by the Trump administration before, which makes them unable to trust this “hurried” epidemic. Miao, so I don’t want to be the first batch of “white mice”, preferring to wait an extra year to fight.

Some medical staff also said that they would not dare to vaccinate the vaccines until Fauci, a respected epidemic prevention expert in the United States, said that these vaccines were “safe and effective”.\

image 167 Americans dont dare to get vaccinated. British people want to be vaccinated nationwide.
Screenshots from NBC local stations

It seems a little surprising. Even nurses on the front line of the anti-epidemic do not agree to vaccination, so do the American people still dare to be vaccinated?

No wonder some doctors and experts said in an interview with the American media that it is difficult to persuade the public to actively cooperate with the vaccination process if they cannot be persuaded to be assured of vaccination.

Speaking at a U.S. Chamber of Commerce event on Wednesday, CDC director Robert Redfield warned that this winter will be particularly difficult for the United States given the high infection rate in the United States. Redfield said the reality is that the December to February next year will be the most difficult time in the history of public health in the United States due to the huge pressure on the health system caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

He believes that hospitals in most of the country are already overwhelmed, and almost every region has been affected, and there are fewer and fewer medical resources and people available to transfer to areas of the epidemic hotspots.” In the United States, 90% of our hospitals are located in hot spots in what we call the red zone, so they are at risk of increasing inpatients and may affect hospital capacity.”

Even if a vaccine is in sight, most Americans must survive the cold winter of the next three months. Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccine candidates need to be administered twice, and the second one needs to be administered three weeks or more after the first injection.

On Thanksgiving Day just past, it is estimated that about 50 million Americans are traveling. How many people will visit relatives and friends next Christmas? Coupled with the fact that winter is already a high-risk season for epidemics, the combination of these factors is likely to become the “accelerator” of the epidemic in the United States.

This is really a super thorny problem for the epidemic prevention work in the United States.

England, national vaccination!

On December 3, the British government announced that it had accepted the recommendation of the Drug and Medical Products Regulatory Authority to approve the use of the coronavirus vaccine of Pfizer and BioNTech. The vaccine will be available across the UK from next week, and the priority group for vaccination is mainly health care workers and nursing home residents.

The UK became the first country in the world to approve the use of a coronavirus vaccine.

The final test results of the coronavirus vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer and BioNTech just released last month showed that the vaccine is effective at preventing COVID-19 by 95%.

A spokesman for the Department of Health and Social Welfare said that the British government accepted the recommendation of the independent regulator MHRA to approve the use of the coronavirus vaccine for Pfizer/BioNTech. The spokesperson also said that after months of rigorous clinical trials and a comprehensive analysis of the data by MHRA experts, MHRA experts concluded that the vaccine met strict standards in terms of safety, quality and efficacy.

The Pfizer vaccine will be administered in the future through “three ways”, says Health Minister Matt Hancock. The first is the hospital itself. 50 hospitals across the country are ready to carry out vaccination at any time. Next is vaccination centers, and the United Kingdom is establishing such a large vaccination center. In addition, the UK will launch community services as an effective complement.

At the same time, Hancock also said that the challenges facing the UK in vaccination are obvious. Because the vaccine is stored at minus 70 degrees Celsius, it makes refrigeration and transportation difficult. Not only that, Matt Hancock also pointed out that 800,000 doses of vaccine will be in place next week for 400,000 people, but the vast majority of vaccines will start in the New Year, and whether the UK will get more vaccines will depend on the speed of manufacturers producing them. Moreover, this process will be very difficult, because each batch of vaccines must be strictly tested by British regulators before they can be approved for sale.

Despite the difficulties, after all, people still see hope to defeat the coronavirus.

The UK’s Commerce Secretary Alok Sharma also tweeted to praise the big breakthrough: “The UK was the first country to sign an agreement with Pfizer, and now we will be the first country to approve their vaccine! Thank you to everyone who participated in this important project. We will remember this moment in the years to come, because it is the day when Britain leads mankind in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

British Prime Minister Boris also tweeted the first time to celebrate: “The regulator has officially approved this vaccine, which is great! The vaccine will be rolled out across the UK from next week. The protection of vaccines will eventually get us back to life and make the economy work again.”

Canada followed closely.

Patty Hajdu, Canada’s health minister, said recently: “The news that the Pfizer vaccine has been approved in the UK is encouraging. Health Canada is reviewing Pfizer vaccine and is expected to be completed soon!” We will be making sure that Canadians are vaccinated by working with the provinces!”

image 165 Americans dont dare to get vaccinated. British people want to be vaccinated nationwide.

Canada’s federal health minister, Kedu, said Jason, a pharmaceutical subsidiary of the U.S.-based multinational Johnson & Johnson, has submitted its COVID-19 vaccine candidate, pending approval from Health Canada.

It was the fourth company to request a vaccine approval in Ottawa after Pfizer, Modena and AstraZeneca. “This is a promising development for Canadians,” said Kedu.

Kedu also said Canadians can be sure that the government will not approve the vaccine until it is completely safe.” Since Canada is relatively slower than other countries to approve vaccine safety, after all, this is a matter of everyone’s health, so don’t worry about the day before and day later. You must ensure the safety of the vaccine to be provided to the nationals.

It can be said that in this cold winter, the global vaccine competition has progressed rapidly, and good news has appeared frequently, which makes people can’t help but expect that we are getting closer and closer to the end of defeating COVID-19?