American professor worried about the damage of the violin at low temperature and slept with his son hugging it.

February 20th – TexasUSAhas recently ushered in unprecedented cold weather, and people are doing their best to protect important things from damage. Aaron Boyd is a professor from Southern Methodist University in the United States.

He owns an antique violin. In order to prevent the violin from being damaged by extreme weather, he keeps the violin warm while sleeping between himself and his son.

According to Fox News, Boyd said, “It’s too precious to me.

I wrap it in a blanket at night and put it between my 5-year-old son so that we can keep it warm with our bodies.”

Boyd said, “If I can have normal power supply and heating for a few days, I can rest assured to put the violin back in the room downstairs.” The professor said that the violin had been with him for 10 years: “This is a gorgeous Italian classical violin, which was made by a Venetian violin producer in 1690.”

According to U.S. media statistics, since the 14th local time, two winter storms have killed at least 47 people in the United States and plunged most of the United States into severe cold.

With the cold weather still going on, the death toll is expected to rise in the coming days.

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